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Exclusive: Theresa May ‘Wins’ Confidence Vote

Theresa May has tonight won a no confidence vote initiated by Conservative party MP’s in relation to her Chequers deal proposal. The rebels were concerned about the so called ‘Irish backstop arrangement’

Tory MP’s including Jacob Rees-Mogg, Steve Baker and Peter Bone lost of a vote of confidence in the Prime Minister.

-Some might think the ERG fired to early. 

Theresa May cancelled her parliamentary vote on Tuesday in order to go and speak to EU leaders about her withdrawal agreement.  In spite of European Commission President Jean-Claud Juncker stating that no amendments could be made to the proposed agreement, she packed up and went anyway!.

– But.. Is this the same EU that said in June 2016, “article 50 cannot not be revoked”…? -oh wait, they changed their minds…

-With that in mind Theresa May decided to go on holiday to Europe instead. Jaunting around a few capitals for lunch and drinks (we only wish we could keep her there!)

That being said, Theresa May has secured the votes required to remain in office for the next 12 months. There has been a lot of speculation that there will be a general election after the Brexit dust has settled. This leaves us in a bit of a quandary..

-If Theresa May is still Prime Minister at the next general election..well..

Vote Tory, Get Corbyn.

We only hoped enough Tory MP’s would have the preverbal to get rid of her now… alas.. the £74,000 per year + expenses might have had something to do with it… who knows..






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4 years ago

Some might think the ERG fired to early

How sure can we be that May didn’t get 48 letters sent? That way, she could be sure of 12 months in which to do damage with impunity (more or less)

4 years ago

“Some might think the ERG fired to early” It is very interesting Theoretically the Tory party is stuck with her for 12 months But she has apparently said she won’t contest the next election as leader So…….if the government falls over the withdrawal agreement vote in January, as seems likely as the DUP , Labour Party and around 100 Tory MPs won’t support it, does this not mean that the election in the aftermath will be with a new leader? Has the ERG ensured that in the aftermath of the imminent debacle they will be going into an election without… Read more »

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