You’re Right, The Femicide Drivel Is Drivel


Those with an inquiring mind will already know that the latest annual visitation of the femicide scare is drivel. Not that women being murdered is a good thing of course, the sudden and brutal end of any of God’s Little Creatures being a tragedy. However, this insistence that its all about the wimmins is indeed drivel:

If two men were killed at the football every week, it would be a scandal – so why don’t we care it’s happening to women?

Well, the equivalent number for men is that 6 are killed each week. Why isn’t this three times the scandal?

Every single week, at least two women are killed by men in this country. In most cases, the killer won’t be a stranger but someone the victim used to think she could trust – a husband, an ex-boyfriend, in some cases a work colleague or friend. The harsh truth is that many women are in much greater danger at home than they are in public places – and the figures from the latest Femicide Census, carried out Women’s Aid and the campaigner Karen Ingala Smith, are jaw-dropping. Of the 139 women known to have been killed by men in 2017, just over three-quarters (105) knew their killer. Almost half (64) died at the hands of a current or former partner, while 24 were killed by a colleague, neighbour or…

The truth being that men are more likely to be killed by someone they know than women are. No, really:

518 dead, 64% male, gives us 331 male victims, 186 (ignore rounding) women. 44% of women by partners, 82 incidences, only 20 for men. But friends, 106 for men, 15 for women. Leading to 126 male victims or partners or friends and 97 female. Given roughly equal male/female split in the population therefore men are more likely to be killed by a friend or partner than women are. Odd we don’t get told this more often, isn’t it?

Bayesian probabilities- among those murdered women are more likely to be snuffed by someone they know, among those who might be murdered men more so. Odd that only the one is a scandal leading to the invention of that new campaign about femicide, isn’t it? Almost as if there’s a certain bias on show. We’d never, never, suggest that one gender is only happy when complaining as a result now, would we?

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I see that the article fails to mention that the most salient fact re both the perpetrators and victims is the “enriched cultural milieu” they hail from. It’s clearly not primarily a white native British behavioural trait!


I could be mistaken, but did I read recently that the most violent relationships are between lesbian couples? The article above concentrates on the sex of the victim, but ignores the sex of the perpetrator – do Women’s Aid or Karen Ingala Smith perhaps offer us any insights?