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Archbishop Welby Doesn’t Know What He’s Saying Often Enough

The Archbishop of Canterbury is something of an odd beast. The current incumbent that is, Justin Welby. He used to be an executive in an oil company – Total – which isn’t often thought of as a training ground for a man of the cloth. He’s also an ardent europhile, a federast even, apparently regarding the European Union as something akin to God’s Promised Land. Which is odd when you come to think of it given that his own job, that very position of Archbishop of Canterbury, stems from Henry VIII’s unilateral decision to leave the European orthodoxy and union of his day.

But then Welby has given us something of an explanation for this, often enough he’s no idea what he’s saying:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] The Archbishop of Canterbury says he prays in tongues early every morning. The Most Rev Justin Welby described his experiences of worshipping in languages he did not understand as “not usually an immensely ecstatic moment”. [/perfectpullquote]

Note that he’s got the meaning of in tongues correct there. That someone who speaks or knows German prays or speaks in German is not unusual. The entire point of “speaking in tongues” is that God so possesses that people can pray, speak, in languages they have no understanding nor even knowledge of.

So, there we have it, the Archbish is telling us that he regularly ends up spouting stuff he has no clue as to the meaning of. A useful explanation of his views upon the European Union.

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5 years ago

There were Archbishops of Canterbury rather a long time before Henry VIII.

5 years ago
Reply to  david

Yes but Hal was the first one to have the brilliant idea of stopping the BS at source.

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan
5 years ago

He’s clinically insane if he really believes this (I know he doesn’t – just part of the job).

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