How EU – The Law Must Determine The Placement Of Letterboxes


The varieties of opposition to the European Union are as varied as the number of people opposed – 17.4 million Britons at the last count. My own is that I simply don’t want Britain – nor anywhere – to be ruled by the sort of pencil armed prodnoses who write the EU regulations and directives. You know, the anal retentives who believe the bureaucracy must define all because consenting adults could never just manage to organise things themselves.

Sadly, we’ve our home grown crop too but it’s easier to get rid off them if they’re ours to get rid of:

Low-level letterboxes should be banned to prevent postal workers straining their backs or being bitten by dogs, a Conservative MP has said. Proposing new legislation, just before MPs began debating a no-confidence motion in the government over Brexit, Vicky Ford said it was a “key issue”. She called for all new letterboxes to be installed between 70cm (2ft 3.5ins) and 170cm (5ft 7ins). The Communication Workers Union is campaigning for new buildings to meet EU letter box height standards. The CWU, which represents postmen and women, said it did not expect private households or businesses to change their doors immediately, but for the measurements to become a new building regulation in the UK, and to cover replacement doors as well.

That there’s an adult out there who believes the placing of letterboxes is a key issue is bad enough. What worries though is that these sort of people are running an entire continent.

The European Union, not even once.

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Dear Lord, are you seriously suggesting that the placement of letterboxes should be completely unregulated? There’s no telling where people might place them.


Might be a good idea in the USA, as then public water drinking fountains and washroom sinks would be raised to normal heights for the majority rather than placed slightly above floor level for some tiny minority of the population. See ADA. Resulting in who knows how many injured backs and knees of those contorting themselves into unhealthy positions.