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A year ago, the Remainers did as all progressives do – they seized control of the narrative by seizing control of the language.

As a result, for the last year, Remainers have rigorously used certain perjorative language to describe Brexit, and certain benign language to describe Remaining in the EU.

Hard Brexit
Extreme Brexit
Cliff edge
Crashing out
No deal

People’s Vote
Will of the people
Give the decision back to the people

Of course when they say “No Deal” they mean “WTO terms”

And when they say “crashing out”, they mean “walking away”

Now, we know that it’s hard to make sure that language seizure does not occur when the entire political and media establishment are intent on making it so – most politicians, journalists, unionists and activists are thoroughly globalist leftists and as a result have their hands on the tiller.

But we certainly won’t succeed in preventing further hijacks if we don’t even try.

So let’s get ahead of them.

Just as Nigel Farage is preparing for a referendum he hopes he never sees, so I propose that we prepare for the Brexit we fear we won’t.

Because if Project Fear fails, and we actually get an acceptable version of Brexit on March 29th (which I don’t believe we will), you can be assured of one thing.

Remainers will become the Grima Wormtongues of Britain, and every problem they see or can manufacture will be laid at the door of Brexit.

“Despite Brexit……” will be assigned to every bit of good news. “Due to Brexit………..” will be assigned to every bit of bad news.

So we must be ready.

We need qualifiers for our victories – “Due to Brexit………we have a trade deal with India”

And we need perjorative language for their manufactured crises, of which there will be many.

When left-wing activists pretend to have broken-down in the middle lane of the M20, and phone their friends in the media to come and film the tailbacks so they can claim “Brexit tailbacks from ports” we need to have a catchy term for such fake news and manufactured crises that enables the rest of us to handily refer to it.


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Jonathan Harston
Jonathan Harston
5 years ago

Due to leaving without a deal, farmers are going to go out of business because of food prices simultaneously going up and going down, all down to the evil WTO.

Quentin Vole
Quentin Vole
5 years ago

True, but livestock farmers had to decide months ago how large their herds/flocks should be for the coming year. Opinion is divided as to whether they’re going to be highly profitable or massive loss-makers, which isn’t good for investment decisions. This is similarly true for many sectors of industrial production – the killer of investment is frequently uncertainty. Which is why prolonging uncertainty further would be the worst possible outcome.

5 years ago

Wormtonguing is a nice word but will go clean over the heads of the majority of the British people (even those who watched the film because Grima only gets seconds in the film instead of a chapter).

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