Uganda’s Declared Tourist Attraction – Curvy, Natural, Women


The claim is that Uganda has added curvaceous, naturally so, women to its list of tourist attractions. This is not quite so. What has happened is that the Tourism Minister has made a not so good joke, possibly just a foot in mouth comment, and my colleagues in the press have run riot with it.

As in:

Uganda lists curvy, sexy women as new tourist attraction

Well, no, not quite.

Uganda has unveiled a new tourism strategy that focuses on promoting its “naturally endowed nice-looking women”.

Really, just not quite the correct detail here:

The Ugandan Ministry of Tourism has added curvy and sexy women to the list of tourism products.

What’s actually happened is that there’s a Miss Curvy Uganda beauty contest.

Asked if the pageant does not offend the conservative culture of Ugandan society, Mr Kiwanda said Uganda has long appreciated smaller bodied women as a hallmark of beauty and the curvy pageant is just another campaign aimed at appreciating beauty in diversity.

It’s an exercise in body positivity. You know, Fat is Fab and all that? Exactly the sort of stuff that is celebrated as empowering in certain sections of our own society. The Tourism Minister was rather more promoting this event than adding the physique to the national list of tourist attractions.

But then, you know, we’re all warned to be on he look out for fake news these days, aren’t we?

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