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Government, YouGov, Finding – 5% Of Women Ask For D**k Pics

One of the more enlightening hobbies is to take what people are saying seriously. To accept their evidence and then to work through the implications of exactly those numbers and facts being presented. That is, not to just accept what we are being told, but to look for the implications of the evidence being presented. In this case by doing so we find the government telling us that 5% of women ask for d**k pics:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””] The government has promised action to protect women in England and Wales from unwanted images of male genitals on their smartphones. According to a 2017 YouGov poll, 41% of 18 to 36-year-old women had received such images, which they found threatening and distressing. The government – which has banned upskirting – said it would look at options for preventing cyber-flashing. The commitment is part of a crackdown on violence against women and girls. [/perfectpullquote]

To call such pictures violence is to debase both the language and the society. But then we know that’s happening anyway. As to what they’re going to do it will be passing a law against it. Given that it’s already illegal under more general common law provisions it’s political displacement activity rather than anything else.

The much more interesting part is this:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In the YouGov survey, 46% of women aged under 36 said they have been sent a photo of a penis, with 41% saying they had not asked for it.[/perfectpullquote]

There’re two ways of reading that. Only 41% of those 46% had not asked for it, meaning that 59% of those who received one had. That’s probably not the way to read it though, this is. 46% of women received a d**k pick, near all of those who did not asking for one. The minority of those who did amounting to 5% of all women.

So, 5% of women do ask for d**k picks. Which explains why the practice persists of course. Those things which have a low chance of individual success but which can be done in volume will, in the pursuit of sex by men, be done. As with the bloke offering to buy drinks for babes in a bar, the man who chats up as many as possible, the one who wanders up and asks “Fancy a shag?” Sure, progressively lower chances of success in each iteration, each iteration being cheaper in time and effort and thus more repeatable.

That’s just how numbers games work, something with a 5% chance of success – or here, at least, acceptance – which is trivially easy to do will be done.

But the why is much less fun than the truth to be extracted from those numbers presented. 5% of women ask for d**k picks. Interesting, no?

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2 years ago

Anyone who believes the 46% claim has got to be bonkers. Presumably this was a survey in which a small number of motivated women answered rather than an actual proper poll.

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