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Jacques Loussier Has Died – Dig Out That Old Play Bach Memory

Jacques Loussier has died. He wasn’t just and only the leader of the jazz trio vamping up the Bach but that’s what he’ll be best remembered for without a doubt:

Or perhaps the soundtrack to this ad:

In full here:

If you’ve not got any of his stuff then it’s something that you probably should. This isn’t a bad deal:

Four Classic Albums (Play Bach, Vol. 1 / Play Bach, Vol. 2 / Play Bach, Vol. 3 / Jacques Loussier Joue Kurt Weill) [Remastered]

And if you don’t even know who Jacques Loussier is, try this:

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Early responses were mixed. Some critics regarded Bach as sacred, while others understood that the composer’s music had been the subject of improvisation and reinterpretation for centuries, not least by church organists. There was also the problem of how to define Loussier: as a classical musician playing jazz, or a jazz musician playing with the classics. “There is no category for me,” he admitted. “I just try to be in the category of good music.”[/perfectpullquote]
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