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Should We Roll, Or Was Admiral Ackbar Right?

On the 11th September 2001, two airliners were flown into the twin towers at the World Trade Centre in New York.

Thousands died.

That same day, another aircraft was hijacked – Flight 93.

From what we know, the hijackers were part of the larger plan that day, and intended to fly the aircraft into a target on the ground.

But the passengers on board got wind of what was happening, and realising that this was not a traditional hijacking, they understood their lives were forfeit unless they acted.

So they did – a number of the men on board attempted to storm the cockpit and regain control of the plane, in a desperate attempt to save the lives of all the passengers.

“Let’s roll!”, they famously broadcast before they went into action.

Even though ultimately they failed in their primary goal, the lives saved at the intended destination when the aircraft dived into a Pennsylvanian field at 500mph killing all on board should not be forgotten – somewhere out there in the world, there are men women and children who owe their lives to these men.

And by now, eighteen years later, some of those survivors will have had children of their own. Many of those children will go on to have children in turn. The men of Flight 93 didn’t just save lives – they saved generations.

Now look at the imbeciles who sit complacently at the helms of our governments.

They may not be terrorists, but they are certainly hijackers – they have taken control of our economies and are trying to take control of our lives. Their policies often achieve the opposite of their intended goals, which in turn are puerile, nebulous and damaging. They themselves are distant creatures, sitting behind gates and guards with guns, while they tell us that defending ourselves from the criminals created by their actions is itself a criminal offence.

Their hypocrisy and venality was already grotesque, and it worsens by the day.

They do their best to make peaceful revolution impossible, secure in the belief that violent revolution will not arrive on their watch. Trump’s election and the Brexit vote were two cri de couers from the people of two once-great nations, watching aghast as their rulers set aflame all they hold dear.

If the rulers of these nations succeed in removing Trump from power with their blatantly-false accusations of Russian collusion and their deeply-partisan intelligence agency testimonies, and the British establishment succeed in cancelling Brexit or forcing through the repellent surrender terms they laughingly call the Withdrawal Agreement, there is a danger that the people of Britain and America (not the feeble and self-hating colluders, appeasers and useful idiots on the Left, or the immigrant populations imported to vote Left, but the real Brits and Yanks who have pride in their country and its achievements) will try to rise up to choke the life from their rulers, just as the men of Flight 93 stormed the cockpit with desperate fury.

But wait…….is this a trap?

One must wonder whether these endless provocations are calculated. Has the March through our Institutions been so successful that now only Leftists are in the cockpit, and are openly discussing their plans merely to provoke the passenger’s charge.

After all, when you are determined to get rid of a dog, you back him into a corner until he bites.

We must be very careful here, as the Left would like nothing more than to demonise the Right into irrelevance – to provoke until the reaction is so excessive it destroys all credibility. Witness the efforts made in France to discredit the gilets jaunes by pointing to the violence. Some even suspect government agents were placed in the ranks to foment violence, and we know the British police have used such tactics in the past.

We must use the democratic mechanisms while they still remain, because as Orwell said if we fail to defeat the Left’s tyrannical doctrine of equality of outcome here, our future will be as Orwell almost said – “a democratic socialist jackboot stamping on our faces forever”

But let’s be clear – there are TWO failures we must avoid and our treacherous establishment are keen to see us make.

Inaction, slowly leading to tyranny. They hope that you and your friends and family will remain oblivious to the danger we are all in, exhaustedly watching Strictly Come Prancing after a long day at work.

And over-reaction, immediately leading to tyranny. They watch with a basilisk’s gaze each populist movement that is now rising, pondering whether to brutally quell it or provoke it into violence.

Both extremes suit them, so we must surely steer a steady course here.

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Jim Weatherby
Jim Weatherby
2 years ago

Very thought provoking. Amazingly emotional and intelligently poignant and as far as I can tell accurate. For good fictional story of just such provocation you might try a read of Orson Scott Card’s “Empire” The first half is totally believable.

Leo Savantt
Leo Savantt
2 years ago

Perhaps, at least in Blighty, we need not worry about extremism from the Brexit supporting faction. That their conviction is strong is undeniable, but they tend to be polite, thoughtful and moderate in their ways. No doubt Tommy Robinson has been much maligned, but if he does really represent nascent extremism that he failed to gain a seat, in the Strasbourg/Brussels circus that masquerades as a parliament, indicates that there is little to worry about. Mosley’s British Union of Fascists attracted lots of press but little in the way of membership. Those who are right and those on the Right… Read more »

2 years ago

‘Cris de cœur’, not ‘cri de cœurs.

The French influence is why we have attorneys general and not attorney generals.

2 years ago

‘But wait…….is this a trap? One must wonder whether these endless provocations are calculated. Has the March through our Institutions been so successful that now only Leftists are in the cockpit…’ No it is not a trap, but it is design by Socialist ideologues who have colonised our institutions and influenced young minds; started in the time of the USSR and its aim to spread the Revolution throughout – Workers of the World Unite! Once they have all the levers of power, they do not need to provoke us, they can do as they like with us… which they are.… Read more »

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