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Labour’s Idiot Call For No No Deal Agreement Before Election

There are some people who really don’t quite get the point of this democracy and elections stuff.

Today’s Labour Party for example.

Here’s Diane Abbott again, this time speaking to the BBC’s Today programme. She said that Labour “was definitely up for an election”, but that they would need “an explicit commitment” to rule out a no-deal Brexit – which could include legislation in parliament – if it were to back an election.

Well, OK, it’s Diane Abbott but still.

The first bit is that question of why we have an election at all? Currently, the Commons simply cannot agree on what form of Brexit there should be, even whether. The point of the coming election being to be able to resolve this. Gain a House which is able to make a decision.

So, why would we want the current House – the one that can’t make a decision – to be able to limit what the next House might be willing to agree upon?

Which isn’t enough of course because there’s more.

The crucial point of the British Constitution is that no parliament can bind its successors. On the fairly obvious basis above, elections are meant to change the way we’re ruled. So, a temporary majority in the House in favour – or against – any one course of action is not able to lay down the law that stands forever. Any new House can unpick any previous Act. That’s the whole point, that’s how democracy works.

Demanding that there be no possibility of No Deal before an election is therefore being entirely undemocratic and unconstitutional to boot.

But then, you know. Labour Party, Dianne Abbott….

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1 year ago

It’s a stupid idea from a very stupid person, but it’s only there cos they are shit scared of an election. Magic Grandpa is now more of an electoral liability up against Boris instead of the mind boggling crap May.

Quentin Vole
Quentin Vole
1 year ago

The main* reason for leaving the EU is to return control of UK laws to a UK Parliament democratically elected by UK voters. So if a party stands on a manifesto of revoking all EU trade agreements and reverting to WTO terms, and wins a majority, they must be able to get on with it. Similarly, if magic grandpa gets in on a manifesto to nationalise everything in sight, he must equally be allowed to do that (but he couldn’t as an EU member).

* There are many subsidiary reasons, but they all flow from this one

1 year ago

So, we can’t have an election unless we agree beforehand that the people CAN’T get the thing they voted for in the (referendum) election three years past?

More outrageous considering that the current “Deal” Brexit means you pay a one-time tribute to Brussels and then don’t really get out of the EU!

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