The BBC Looks Back At Battle of Britain


As the negotiations with the EU have proceeded, it’s been very revealing how the progressive media have chosen to frame the story. Where once Jean-Claude Juncker was widely mocked as a drunken imbecile, he became a sagacious and disinterested genius. And our own politicians were widely mocked and derided as fools and supplicants. It made me wonder how the BBC (for example) might have covered the Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940…

Churchill Accused Of Manipulating Casualty Statistics

Abandon your posts! Fleeeee! Flee for your lives!

Today, Winston Churchill announced the statistics for the Battle of Britain, and the lies were as thick as the fleas on his mangy dog.

He has claimed that so far, British airmen have shot down two enemy aircraft for every one lost, which is just so unlikely as to be unbelievable.

So we sent our reporters to the south coast and they went out into the Channel in dinghies.

For weeks they have searched for the wreckage of the 500 enemy aircraft that Mr Churchill has claimed would be there, but our investigators found only a few dozen.

Of those found, some were actually RAF aircraft.

This proves beyond a doubt that Mr Churchill is cynically misleading the country about the true number of those lost so far in the Battle of Britain, and our polls tell us that support for opposing the Nazis is waning.

Emily Maitlis interviewed one man whose entire family was lost when a downed German bomber crashed onto his house – click here to view the shredded bodies of his children.

When will this Prime Minster see that his reckless opposition to the entirely-reasonable Chancellor of Germany is costing British lives as he pursues this insane war, for which he has no mandate?

We here at the BBC are spearheading an initiative to force Mr Churchill from office in favour of a national unity government headed by Lord Haw Haw, who has assured us he will immediately open a dialogue with the Chancellor and strive to end hostilities between Britain (who in any case stands on the brink of defeat) and the great unstoppable might of Nazi Germany. Obviously it is unreasonable to expect the Germans to offer any sort of a deal to a country like ours, that is in such a desperate condition – we will just have to accept whatever terms they offer.

We are joined in this aspiration by most of Parliament, almost all civil servants, the judiciary, the senior ranks of the police and intelligence community (including very senior operatives like Messrs Philby, Burgess, Maclean and Blunt) who have gone on record to criticise Mr Churchill today (who it is believed spends most nights drinking alone while writing his ridiculous speeches)

In addition, many of our colleagues in the media, most of our teachers and all of our trade union officials are behind us too.

Indeed the only support that Mr Churchill seems to have is that of the British people.

Those bastards.

If you would like to sign up to save your country from further suffering, please click here to order your free* poster!

*Paid for with taxpayer’s money

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Leo Savantt
Leo Savantt

Laugh, yes I did, but with a wince, cutting so close to the bone hurts.

David Morris
David Morris

Top stuff & completely realistic as viewed through the BBC prism. Thank you.

Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey

This was funny.


Keep it up that was one of your best.