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Quite Disgusting From Sonia Sodha

Of course, someone, some system, must be to blame for the grooming gangs up in the North of England. How all those young girls were repeatedly raped by groups from a particular ethnicity and religious background.

How did children’s homes become centres of profit-making and abuse?
Sonia Sodha

Profit, see? Profit leads to abuse. Obvious when you think about it:

But among the most shaming is how long it took to expose the epidemic of child sexual exploitation by grooming gangs across a swath of British towns and cities. Thousands of children have had their lives blighted as a result of being passed around groups of men to be raped and sexually abused, while the adults supposed to be protecting them – police, social workers, councillors – turned a blind eye. Even as authorities were pledging to learn the lessons in towns such as Rochdale and Rotherham, still it went on in places such as Telford and Newcastle.

One of the shocking aspects of this story is that many of the child victims were in the care of the state. Gangs of abusers preyed on young girls living in children’s homes. The children’s home at the centre of the Rochdale grooming ring was owned by private equity, prompting a review of privately run children’s homes that found that one in three homes operated by the two largest private providers were classed by Ofsted as inadequate or requiring improvement.

D’ye see? It’s profit wot dun it.

It can’t be racism among the perpetrators because only the dominant culture is able to be racist. It can’t be a police system infested with modern sociological ideas so that they simply won’t investigate what cannot possibly be happening.

Nope, it’s all that profit was involved and that’s what causes abuse.

Really, someone should tell Dame Margaret, Lady Hodge.

Alternatively we can tell Ms Sodha to bugger off, along with the horse she rode in on.

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Nautical Nick
Nautical Nick
1 year ago

Even if profit were a motivation, it can only be profitable if the demand is there, which leads us right back to Tim’s point.

Andrew Carey
Andrew Carey
1 year ago

I did a word count on the article by Sonia Sodha, so you don’t have to. It came in at 1,134. The words ‘mother’, ‘father’ and ‘parent’ in the familial meaning of the word, did not feature even once.
The left.

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