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And The Beeeeells Are Riiinging Oooout Foorr Brexit

Thanks for all the fish, obviously

Ah, yes, that’s right, they’ll not be ringing at 11 pm tonight, will they?

Sour losers and all that.

However, the following is still true:

Whatever else we might say about Farage, this is all thanks to him. He took a ragbag of malcontents by the scruff of the neck and built a party which not only won elections but changed the entire political conversation.

We’d never even have had the chance to express our pro-Brexit view in an election, let alone a referendum, without Farage’s leadership. After all, the Brexit movement started out as the Anti-Federalist League in 1991, a grouping of a few hundred who would gain 1% or so of the votes in various elections. Just three decades later, we’ve won it all.

I’m convinced it wouldn’t have happened without Nigel Farage. In fact, because I know many of those who might have been in charge in his absence, I am almost certain that it wouldn’t have happened without him.

Regardless of where you land on the Brexit question, there’s simply no disputing the fact that no politician has changed Britain as much as Nigel Farage over the past two decades.

We don’t hand out non-royal Dukedoms any more, Churchill was the last to be offered one. Marquis was for the Governor of India which also seems to be aiming a leeetle high. But a Viscountcy, why not?

Well, because that’s for people inside the Establishment, not those who spend decades with two fingers waved at it, that’s why not.

Sour losers, d’ye see?

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Bloke in North Dorset
Bloke in North Dorset
1 year ago

I’m not bothered about celebrations, political events don’t strike me as worthy causes for celebrations. For me this is schadenfreude day as I will just enjoy the tantrums of Remainers with little sympathy as I remind myself of their antics and accusations that we Brexiters were all thick, racist bigots.

1 year ago

Pitt the elder was “The Great Commoner” until he accepted an Earldom.
That title is vacant, and not in the gift of the establishment.

1 year ago

I disagree in 2004 UKIP did very well with Robert Kilroy Silk being a lot more prominent than Farrage.
I think the real people were responsible for Brexit were Tony Blair and Nick Clegg.

1 year ago
Reply to  David

George (Gideon) Osborne was also a significant contributor but Farage was more important than he or Clegg

Clem Fandango
Clem Fandango
1 year ago

A life peerage is more appropriate.

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