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The EU And Their Danse Macabre

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So here we are at last.

During the last year or so, as each layer of the British establishment danced in turn to the EU’s tune, we saw with horror how far into our institutions the European Union cancer has gnawed.

First our civil servants, then our MPs, then our Upper Chamber, accompanied all the while by our media, our trade unions, our educational establishment, our corporations, our religious institutions and our regulators.

Finally, our arachnoid judiciary.

And those who said the European Union had methodically placed their puppets in our ranks for forty years were called paranoid!

Perhaps the critics had overlooked the prevalence of ex-communists in the EU, and had forgotten Lenin’s realisation that “the best way to control the opposition is to lead it yourself”?

Make no mistake – we still have a long road ahead of us to escape the EU’s clutches. Their puppets are still embedded in our establishment – they have been there for forty years.

They will not just walk away – the last three years were about them proving to the world that it is not possible to leave the EU. The next year will be about proving to the world that leaving the EU means national disaster.

Leftie roadblocks will be just one way they come after us – they must hurt us if they are to encourager les autres. Every trade deal we announce will be countered with a EU/Soros-funded piece of bad news.

And they will not limit themselves to countering our good news. They will of course frame good news as bad news. And manufacture bad news. And even manufacture events for their puppets in OUR media to report as bad news.

If British scientists cure cancer, the headline in the Guardian will read “Brexit impacts NHS: destroys oncology and cancer research jobs”

Let’s be clear about where we are – the EU and its allies narrowly failed to prevent a referendum. And then they narrowly failed to win it. And then they narrowly failed to completely prevent Britain leaving. And they have now narrowly failed to impose a meaningless Withdrawal Agreement. Their next year will be spent making actual departure painful. And then to make being outside the EU destructive.

And they will have help.

Who Have They Duped?

The organised minority continue to believe they are the majority – incapable of perceiving anything beyond their foetid bubble of Europhilia, they believe themselves to be heroes, fighting against tyrannical ideologues using extreme tactics to implement their personal wet dream of British protectionism.

The rest of us see this organised minority as a deeply-deluded group, using every trick in the book to prevent the will of the British people from being enacted, on the flimsy pretense that they know better and are of course not signing us to be shackled forever to a decaying supranational bureaucratic and technocratic corpse, whose stench is now almost visible in the air – a miasma over mainland Europe.

How these Remainiacs will respond if they fail is anyone’s guess, but rooted as they are in the tyrannical tendencies of the far Left, we can probably expect some degree of civil disorder and disruption, which they will of course blame with no self-awareness on Brexit.

They will claim that their disruptions are a consequence of their elected officials failing to listen to them – like a domestic abuser, they will scream “Look what you have made me do!” as they fill the streets and scream their defiance. Their lack of self-awareness is truly epic – try asking them what their assessment would have been if rednecks had filled the streets of Texas in violent protest at Saint Obama’s election in 2008 and you would draw a blank stare from people incapable of perceiving anything except the double standard to which they have become accustomed – they genuinely think that because they believe they are morally pure, all of their conduct is irreproachable, but all conduct of their opponents is beyond the pale.

They have become the sole arbiters of good will in their own minds, diseased as they are – they are fighting demons and so any action is justified.

But the good news is that this double standard is becoming so extreme that even the stupefied masses are growing nervous, and have begun edging away from these maniacs.

Of course not all Remainiacs are so deluded – those on the EU’s ideological payroll like Ken Clarke, Michael Heseltine, Oliver Letwin, Dominic Grieve, John Bercow and Sir John Major stood willing as a flying company, able to be deployed by the EU at short notice to plug the gaps in their decaying ideological flanks. Their dreary sleeper agent Sir John wormtongued us all at the EU’s bidding, determined not to see undone all his good work betraying his nation into the arms of supranational tyrants.

Let us hope we have seen the end of them all.

Yet within our establishment they have many allies. And many pets. They have those on the ideological payroll and the financial payroll. And they have useful idiots and useful innocents.

All determined to see it through to the end.

Will they win?

I’m not sure – much will depend on whether Boris Johnson is willing to be an EU lickspittle (or can be bribed, blackmailed or threatened into compliance), and how he assesses the damage the ERG and Brexit Party will do if he crosses them.

These are momentous days, and the fallout from even the best result will still be very unpleasant indeed, as the fifth column at the heart of our establishment is finally disconnected from its hive mind.

The departure from public life of a few dozen MPs is a mere bagatelle – our institutions will need a volcanic purging of europhiles if they are to ever again work for us and not the EU.

And that will make for some very negative headlines.


Let’s not make the same mistakes again.

We must make sure the language is corralled – we cannot afford to allow the European Union to frame the narrative again, where “CRASHING OUT!” was gleefully used instead of merely “walking away”, and “NO DEAL!” was used instead of “WTO terms” – these highly pejorative phrases will be attempted again, and we must be ready. Just as the Tories slowly understood this and used “Surrender Agreement” to describe the Benn Act (and my word how the hypocrites on the Left hated it…) so we must now establish a phrase to be used when the Left manufacture crises to blame on Brexit after we have left.

And this must be done immediately, before the fake crises begin. Just as Donald Trump has used the expression “fake news” to deflate the accusations against him, so we must be able to dilute the effectiveness of all manufactured crises, by naming them aggressively as fake.

Furthermore, the anthem of which they are so proud should surely be replaced by Camille Saint-Saens’ Danse Macabre – I defy anyone to listen to it and not hear the gleeful cavorting cynicism and naked tyrannical corruption of the EU in every note:

When dead-eyed Eurocrats tell us Brexit is a terrible mistake, I don’t hear the lament of a friend, but the threat of a mafiosa with a petrol can behind his back.

If after all their threats and vandalism they succeed in trapping Britain in the EU, Angela Merkel and her gang of eurotrash repressionists will beam in delight just as her countryman Hans Gruber and his gang once beheld the contents of the Nakatomi vault.

And the Ode to Joy will play on.

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John B
John B
4 years ago

‘ Perhaps the critics had overlooked the prevalence of ex-communists in the EU…’

And ex-Fascists and ex-National Socialists.

And you can say the same about them as is said about Catholics – once a Catholic…

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