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But How Can They Raise The Price Of Beer When Everyone’s In Lockdown?

Why complain that people are solving hunger with food banks?

Capitalist exploitation I tell ya. So the bars here are closing at 6 pm – not sure why that’s a good thing but it is what has been ordained. Which means, of course, that all are locked in at night. So, the supermarkets have raised the price of beer!

Hmmm, well, not quite so much. Some size of bottle, some number of bottles to a box, is always 40 or 50% off. True of both the national brands here. So, the discerning drinker sometimes buys the case of 20cl in 20 pieces, sometimes the 33 cl in 24 pieces. Or the 33 in 15, the 25 cl in 30 and so on and on.

Except, now, with the lockdown, none are on sale!

Bastards, price gouging etc, etc, state control and confiscate all profits etc.

As it actually and really happens, a few lines are running short out there in supermarket land. Fresh chicken for example. Shrug.

And hand sanitizer is back on the shelves already.

It’s an amazing thing this capitalism and free markets mix, isn’t it? We’re on the edge of the worst pandemic in a century and the average shop is better stocked than any single one ever was in my own direct experience of Soviet communism. Better than the entire city of Moscow was under communism. And, of course better stocked than any and every shop in Venezuela under Bolivarian socialism.

If only we had a science which could explain this to us.

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1 year ago

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez “majored in economics” in college and knows words like “externalities,” you could ask her

1 year ago
Reply to  Spike

Before she explains it I’d like to be convinced she could spell it.

1 year ago

“Worst Pandemic for a century” by default. Its slightly worse flu season.

1 year ago

Only in the headlines! In fact, it should be a mild flu season, as people are suddenly minding hygiene. But also factor in the health consequences of being on lockdown.

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