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There Is No Shortage Of Food In Britain

This is something that would be fairly obvious to anyone with an IQ greater than their shoe size – there is no shortage of food in Britain.

Britain will run out of industrial freezer space for food within two weeks, industry chiefs have warned.

The use of refrigerated warehouses and lorries for storing and moving goods is almost at tipping point.

Shane Brennan, chief executive of the Cold Chain Federation (CCF), said that although customers such as schools, airlines and caters are no longer active, existing orders of “frozen and chilled food and drinks are still coming into storage at a high rate”.

“We predict that [warehouses] will be full across the UK, with no new space available, in about two weeks’ time.”

The population of the place is about what it was a couple of months back – minus what, 10,000 people? Everyone’s eating around the same number of calories. We’ve not got a mismatch in basic terms therefore.

What we do have is a mismatch in form. Rather fewer eating bad pies at football grounds, less consumption of ghastliness in plastic trays in cattle class. Even, as Brake Brothers pointed out, fewer catering establishments cracking open the 2.4 kg cans of beans.

At which point, well, how to best change this? Hands up those who think that civil servants directing matters will do better than the urges of personal advantage and profit? Well, quite, the question answers itself, doesn’t it?

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4 years ago

Didn’t we establish recently that the true obstacle is not British creativity at matching food with willing mouths, but government labelling requirements?

4 years ago

Since we (well, most of us) are confined to barracks 22/23 hours per day we are using fewer calories and need less food so there *should* be a surplus. But a bigger reason is that the economics of cafes, restaurants, gourmet pubs, fast food joints where the labour cost is a multiple of the cost of the raw food leads to over-ordering and significant wastage, far in excess of the food wasted at home.

John B
John B
4 years ago

A novelty. Food shortage caused by overstocked, full warehouses.

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