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Half Term Meals Solved Then

What matters is what works

From our Swindon Correspondent:

From Keir Starmer on Twitter

One personal change in politics that happened during the Covid-19 situation is that I’ve shifted further towards libertarianism, because of the evidence. We’ve had a pandemic, the government passed all sorts of emergency powers. There was no excuse for the government to not create the army of volunteers to deliver shopping and medicine to isolated people. It was a moment for them to shine, to show what they could do, and they failed. The process of even getting on the volunteer list took weeks, and then no-one heard much. Laptops for kids at home took months to come through, to the point that term had nearly finished.

We solved these problems with a combination of social media and people willing to help. Facebook, and groups on Facebook allowed the interchange of needs and support. Someone needed a thing, people would try and help. Some computer companies were collecting old PCs from businesses and getting them out to kids to use.

And look at what’s happened with Mr Rashford’s holiday meal plan. Government has decided not to help, civil society is doing it. And I have no doubt that the people around this are going to do a better job, at a lower price, than whatever it would cost the taxpayer. So, let’s keep it that way, yeah?

As The Editor has been known to point out, the existence of food banks solves the problem of food poverty…..

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John B
John B
3 years ago

‘ But it should never have come to this.’

So showing compassion, and unbidden, helping one’s neighbour in need out of one’s own resources is wrong? (Papa Frankie call your office.)

Plundering people so you can help people whom you define as in need in order to advance your political and ideological position with other people’s money is virtuous.

Got it.

Socialists: generous to a fault with other folk’s money.

3 years ago

Labour propose a motion which would result in not a single additional child getting a free school meal. No additional school canteens were to be kept open, or catering staff called in during the holiday. Well of course you’re going to vote against that if you’re a conservative and believe in family and local responsibility. And now Labour are claiming success for a policy they opposed * * Labour proposed supermarket vouchers. Which means someone still has to do the shopping and prepare the food. You know, providing the meal. Which is now what is going to happen thanks to… Read more »

3 years ago

How did the kiddies get fed in the holidays before all this happened?

Quentin Vole
Quentin Vole
3 years ago
Reply to  jgh

They didn’t, they were left to starve in the street. You couldn’t move round our way without coming across the corpse of a malnourished schoolchild – like Leningrad during the siege, it was.

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