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We Need To Abolish All Commissioners Now

The reason to have Commissioners of this and that is now becoming clearer. It is to insist on expanding the State of course:

The new Children’s Commissioner for England has launched a root and branch review aimed at improving all aspects of children’s lives, from mental health to schooling, poverty and career prospects.

In her first public announcement in her new role, Dame Rachel de Souza said the independent Childhood Commission was a “once in a generation” chance to put children’s welfare and life chances at the heart of the country’s policy agenda as it looks to recover economically from Covid-19.

As well as looking at how young people have been adversely affected emotionally and economically by a year of pandemic disruption, the inquiry promises to address policies and structures that have “short-changed” and held back children’s wellbeing and prospects for decades.

“I want the Childhood Commission to have the spirit and the ambition of the Beveridge report – something that leads to long-term changes that improve the chances of every single child, whatever their early standing in life and wherever they are in England,” she said.

The problem being that the Victims’ Commissioner, the Children’s Commissioner, the Women’s Commissioner and on and on and on are all going to be arguing for more government to deal with their particular little area. Without, of course, ever looking at the 30,000 foot view of what having more government is going to do to us more generally.

This is not an error of course, this is meant to be happening. Which is why we need the scorched earth tactic of abolishing all such offices. Given BLM slavery for the population is not possible but getting in some good stocks of salt would be useful too.

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3 years ago

The business of gov’t should be to preserve individual choice wherever it doesn’t impinge on the choices of someone else, but most amateurs getting involved with gov’t tout fair treatment for Victim Classes, puppies, etc. Good intentions, not due process! Their remedies will be gov’t – never something like encouraging churches to provide stirring sermons to strengthen character.

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