Indonesia’s East Belitung To Try Tin Mining Tourism – Why Not, Poldark Works

Bangka and Belitung are the centres of Indonesia’s tin mining industry and one part, East Belitung, is hoping to trigger a boom in tourism related to that tin mining. It sounds like an excellent idea to be honest, Poldark has definitely worked in getting people to go to Cornwall now, hasn’t it?

There is a greater interest though, perhaps we could educate the more idiot of the environmentalists while we’re about it?

Selinsing Village in East Belitung District of Bangka Belitung Islands Province has developed tin ore mining tours to improve local people’s welfare.

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Pakistan’s Supreme Court Defies Economic Reality- School Fees Must Be Cut

Given the still visible colonial imprint upon Pakistan we’d expect the Supreme Court Justices to be aware of the Canute and the waves story but apparently not as this ruling on private school fees demonstrates. For they’ve issued a ruling which entirely flies in the face of the tides and currents of economic reality. Cut your fees but don’t you dare go cutting any of your expenses!

Do note that this is nothing to do with whether there should be private schools or not, nor whether some method of making them cheaper might be possible.…

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Indonesia’s Prabowo – Ex-Military is Still Military It Seems

There are only the two candidates in the upcoming Presidential election in Indonesia, the incumbent, Joko Widodo, and his challenger, Prabowo Subianto. That second is ex-military, a former general, and he seems to have kept some of the mindset of such a lifelong training. Whether Indonesia can defend itself – against whom isn’t indicated – isn’t dependent upon how many bullets the country has. It’s how long it can support the delivery of such to where it might want them to go.…

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Japan To Leave IWC, Resume Commercial Whaling – Damn Stupid Idea

Japan has announced that it is going to leave the International Whaling Commission and thus resume commercial whaling this coming July. This is a blitheringly stupid decision – as there is no commercial market for the products of whaling. No, not even in Japan where they’ll eat pretty much anything that comes up out of the sea. Leave aside all the other stuff that alone makes it that damn stupid idea.

The reason they’re doing it is the same as our maintenance of entirely uneconomic coal mines for far too long – and the reason London lesbians descended upon socially conservative pit villages in order to “help” and stand in solidarity with those who’d be horrified if they tried to chat up their daughters.…

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Extremely Sensible – Jaitley Says India Will Move To Single GST Rate

Arun Jaitley has intimated that India will try to move to a single GST rate – somewhere between 12 and 18% – which is an extremely sensible idea. There is no particular reason why government should be favouring the consumption of some goods or services over others so all should be taxed at that same rate. As to why taxing consumption, well, it’s necessary to tax something because government itself is necessary. No, not everything government does, nor even most of the things done by most governments but some really is necessary.…

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India’s Pulse Market – The Latest Piece Of Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt Is Glycophosphate Residues

As we’ve seen endlessly in the tech markets there’s nothing like sowing a bit of fear, uncertainty and doubt to make sure that people don’t stray off the desired path. So we might think it is with this latest little deliciousness in the Indian market for pulses – dried peas, lentils, that sort of thing. For locals are being regaled with stories of foreign imports being laced with terribly dangerous pesticides. You know, to make sure they desire and choose the local equivalents?…

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