Kylie Jenner To Be World’s Youngest Self-Made Billionaire – Next Year

We have an interesting little refutation of the strictures of the Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy at Islington Technical College here. For, as we all know, he insists that intellectual property means nothing. It’s just a manner of moving money around the world to dodge tax, it has no real economic import whatsoever. We should therefore simply ignore it all – for all purposes, not just tax if I’ve understood the drivel correctly.

Which is interesting, given that the world’s about to be youngest self-made billionaire, Kylie Jenner, seems to make her money from nothing at all except intellectual property:

Model Kylie Jenner is the cover star and youngest woman on this year’s Forbes magazine 60 richest self-made women in America.

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Wait A Minute, Should We Be Stopping Obesity Or Fat Shaming?

Keeping up with what we’re supposed to be against is somewhat exhausting in this modern world. It’s as if who the Two Minute Hate is about changes from East Asia to someone else every day or two. For example, a year back we had that ad campaign above. In reality it was just a superb bit of media trolling. Print a few posters, run the smallest campaign you can in the Underground, watch as the Twitterati, followed by the national media, broadcast your message to the nation.…

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A saga of everyday life in the Big L and a wry look at contemporary culture

By Tony Carden


‘Mary. Mary. Mary.’ Three hail Mary’s! Des, I’m not deaf. What is it?

‘I heard you the first time.’

‘Now listen,’ Oh huh! I know what’s coming—the sermon, ‘I’m really pissed off about this.’ About what? You’re always going on about some incomprehensible thing or another. You’re like that character in One Foot in the Grave.

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Transport for London’s Very Sad Commentary Upon Modern Mores

Transport for London has, in error, managed to reveal something very sad about modern manners and mores. They’re being accused of fat shaming, because of course they are. Doing something like fat shaming being a social crime in some quarters. But that’s not actually the part of modern manners that has been revealed here – we know all about that fat shaming because we’re shouted at about it enough. Usually between those breaths screaming about the obesity crisis of course.…

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Shock! Horror! Good Looking Women Use Sex To Advantage

This seems to be the claim concerning the Miss Venezuela contest, that good looking women have been using sex, or perhaps sexual wiles, to advantage themselves. This is of course an immense shock to all who have never met any actual human beings. Beauty is something of a rare thing. Changeable too – what we regard as a stunner might not be what our forefathers did – over time and place but still, it is a rarity.…

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Battling Obesity is Now Fat Shaming

It is just so much fun when we can see different parts of the left – or perhaps the prodnoses – eating each other. The latest coming over a series of ads from Cancer Research. Being fat, wobbly, over-stuffed, is the second leading cause of cancer in the UK after smoking. This is simply factual – well, we assume it is. But apparently we’re not, they’re not, allowed to say this because fat shaming.

Yup, land whales are complaining because being told that they’ve upped their cancer risk by gorging is, umm, well, it’s, what is it?…

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Trump And Bernie Are Right – Lefties Stink

Useful scientific proof that Donald Trump is in fact correct. Further, this very same research explains why Bernie Sanders is so puzzled by deodorant. The truth simply being that lefties stink. A proof which is inherent in the English language, in that manner that leftists, soap dodgers and crusties are synonyms.

No, really:

People who have a greater tendency to turn their nose up at the whiff of urine, sweat and other body odours are more likely to have rightwing authoritarian attitudes, research suggests.

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