Guess Wages Will Just Have To Rise After Brexit

Employers are complaining that without badly paid immigrant labour they'll just not be able to get the staff. The answer to which is that...

The European Union: Like A Boat Full Of Retards

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is a great film about the vicious implacability of the State – if you haven't seen it then...

Why I Left The EU

From our Swindon correspondent: A personal post, but I think this sums up my pragmatic reasons for leaving. The EEC might have made sense at...


See image above Or: We might even say Thanks for all the fish - assuming we do keep them.

And The Beeeeells Are Riiinging Oooout Foorr Brexit

Ah, yes, that's right, they'll not be ringing at 11 pm tonight, will they? Sour losers and all that. However, the following is still...

The Bernard Levin Point On The 50p Coin And The Oxford Comma

Back a few decades Bernard Levin pointed out the important point of this story about the 50 p coin, Brexit and the Oxford comma....

Singapore On Thames Cannot Be Allowed To Succeed

This is one of those things to be greeted with an "Well, of course" for the European Union would be severely threatened if Singapore...

Why Did Airbus Change It’s Mind Over Brexit? Project Fear

We can all look back and remind ourselves of what we were told was going to happen if we had the temerity to vote...

The Brexit Fish For Finance Deal – Nope, Bugger Off

The European Union is floating the idea that they'll ask for access to British fishing waters in return for allowing The City to sell...

Regulatory Divergence Is The Very Point Of Brexit

So now we get to - having agreed that Brexit is going to happen - having to decide what the new trade deal is...