Glorious Capitalism – Ryanair Won’t Ground Planes Over Brexit

It’s always possible that petty vindictiveness on the part of the EU will lead to hiccups in air travel around the time of Brexit. But it isn’t going to be true that O’Leary will voluntarily ground Ryanair planes to make us all see the errors of our ways:

Ryanair is threatening to ground its planes after the UK withdraws from the European Union to persuade voters to “rethink” Brexit.

The Dublin-based carrier’s chief executive Michael O’Leary said he wants to “create an opportunity” by making people realise they are “no longer going to have cheap holidays”.

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The Only Leader Henry Bolton’s One Nation Translates As Either Ein Volk or Ein Reich

It takes vast amounts of chutzpah and hard work to get a new political party up off the ground. When you have already shown that you’ve not got enough of one nor are willing to do enough of the other to keep an extant political party afloat then perhaps setting up new political parties just isn’t going to be quite your thing.

But The Numpty, Henry Bolton, is going to have a go:

The ousted former UKIP leader Henry Bolton has announced plans to set up a new political party.

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Brexit and Brand Protection in Europe: What Next?

This is from long time reader, Jonathan Thurgood

Twenty-two years’ ago, the EU’s single brand registration system took off. Since then, companies and individuals around the world – from Facebook and Coca-Cola, to Mrs Miggins’ Pie Shop – have between them sought registration of a couple of million brands via the system. Beginning in 1996, for the first time in history you could own a single trade mark right that stretched from the Atlantic west coast of Ireland, to Finland’s border with Russia.…

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Indeed The EU Has – Which Is Why We’re Leaving

We can, roughly enough, lay out two variants of what is happening with the European Union. One is that varied peoples who share geographical proximity decide to get together a bit to mutual benefit. Get rid of a few of the things that divide while still retaining those sparkling cultural differences which explain why Europe got rich in the first place – it is a reasonable explanation of why we did, that we were competing with each other.…

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Is Ireland Worth Freedom?

A very useful example of the manner in which the same question can have very different answers each of which are correct. The important point to note being correct for whom? Or, as we might put it, is Ireland worth freedom?

Certainly many of the people of Ireland thought freedom was worth it for themselves. We’d not have had those centuries of low intensity – at times flaring up – warfare over the point if they hadn’t.…

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Proof Perfect That The EU Is Mercantilist, Protectionist, Not Free Traders

The easy way to understand whether someone groks trade or not is to see what they suggest when someone throws rocks in their own harbour. If they then insist that we’ve got to make our own lives worse by tossing boulders into our harbour then they’re all three of an idiot, a protectionist and a mercantilist. Jean Claude Juncker and the European Union more generally qualify for those three epithets therefore.

The European Union is threatening to target some of America’s most iconic brands if Donald Trump follows through on his threat to impose swingeing tariffs on imports of steel and aluminium.

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Not Likely Matey – EU Customs Officials On British Soil

The European Union has a certain problem with the concept of sovereignty. A sovereign nation is sovereign within its own borders, that’s the definition and that’s how the system works. Or should perhaps. In the vernacular we would call this our gaff, our rules. Which isn’t as we all will note, quite how the modern world does work. For example, we’re not allowed to do that in deciding upon smoking or not on private property, are we?…

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Brexit – Salt and Vinegar Please, Not The Three Course Meal

Liam Fox and Sir Martin Donnelly are having a little spat over Brexit and trade. It should be said that Fox is correct here – not something we’ll always say – and the civil servant wrong. The reason isn’t just about their negotiating stances, whether we should go for the salt and vinegar of a packet of crisps or the full three courser the EU might offer. The actual reason is because our civil servant – you know, the knighted brightest of his generation and all that guff – entirely misunderstands the very point of trade itself.…

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