As The Universities Show Worker Control Is A Horrible System

A complaint that the universities have two different workforces. There are those with lovely plush jobs, decent pay, the best working conditions in the world – shit, who wouldn’t like a job where you’re paid to think about anything you want to – and then those doing the piecework and treated as scum. Sure, those in the grievance studies departments should be treated that way but still.

The reason we have this is worker control.…

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That’s That Problem Solved Then

Treating the workers like scum doesn’t work. Treating them as the adult humans they are does. Good, so, we’ve solved that problem then:

But it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, it shouldn’t be this way. The software is easy to program to treat employees like human beings. Some companies already have programmed software to be humane. And they’ve found that when they do, it isn’t just employee health and well-being that improve.

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Vox Is Employing A Right One Here

I’ve always thought it so wondrous that the very people who critique free market capitalism know so little about it. Or even about logic really. Take this from Vox:

Private equity firms are, as their name suggests, private — meaning they’re owned by their founders, managers, or a limited group of investors — and not public — as in traded on the stock market. These organizations buy companies that are struggling or have growth potential and then try to repackage them, speed up their growth, and — theoretically — make them work better.

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Aldi And Lidl – Why Free Markets Tame Capitalism

Just a little note really underlining the point that when we talk about capitalism and markets it’s the second which are the bit that tames the first. The competition to be able to exploit you is what ends up with you not being exploited at all that is:

Aldi and Lidl reduced prices on bags of festive vegetables to just 15p to lure shoppers through their doors in the run-up to Christmas. Over the past decade, the expansion of the discounters squeezed the big four supermarkets’ profitability by about 40%.

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Why Are Farmers In Uganda Poor?

Perhaps it’s because the Sustainable Development Goals aren’t being pursued with enough vigour? Possibly it’s the impositions of capitalism. Hey, could be racism, colonialism even.

But, in all this, what breaks my heart is that the current stalling on progress of the global goals means we might end up in the same place in 2030, with nothing new, unless something changes now.

I am calling on the global community to get the goals back on track.

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Well, Carlos Ghosn Is Actually Correct Here

We can’t quite say that Carlos Ghosn is right here, for that implies a measure of his being righteous in his fleeing Japan. But he is correct on that Japanese justice system. It just ain’t like the one we’ve got at home.

Carlos Ghosn, the former Nissan chairman who is on bail and awaiting trial in Japan on charges of financial misconduct, has confirmed he has fled to Lebanon and said he refuses to be “held hostage” by a “rigged” Japanese justice system.

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Apple Isn’t Trying To Buy A Japanese Smartphone Factory

Despite what The Times says this isn’t true:

Apple looks to buy Japanese smartphone factory

Firstly, there aren’t any smartphone factories in Japan. They’re all in China. Secondly, if Apple was about to buy a smartphone factory in a high cost country like Japan then that would presage their ability to build smartphones in the US, wouldn’t it? And that just ain’t gonna happen.

So, what is happening?

Apple is considering the joint purchase of a Japanese smartphone screen factory for as much as $820 million.

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If France Could Fire People There Would Be No Orange Suicide Case

It appears that former management of Orange – France Telecom as then was – are guilty of creating such a toxic workplace that it led to people committing suicide.

The correct answer to which is allow companies to fire people and you’ll have peoples’ lives.

Former executives at France Télécom have been given prison sentences and fines after being found guilty of “institutional harassment” and creating a culture of routine workplace bullying that sparked a number of suicides at the company.

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Puma’s £80 Video Game Shoes – A Veblen Good

It would appear that Puma hasn’t wholly and entirely grasped the complexity of Veblen Goods as yet. Which is odd, as the entire brand, the company, is built upon the idea itself. The thing that makes it all work, the essence, the nub, is that a Veblen Good is made to be displayed in front of others. That’s the function. Something that, by definition, is worn or used in the comfort of one’s own home, alone, isn’t really going to work all that well.…

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And Now For The Truly Absurd Complaint About Amazon’s Taxes

It really has to be seen to be believed this complaint about Amazon’s taxes:

Jon Nordmark, founder of consultancy, said Jeff Bezos’s empire was different. Amazon last year, he said, put nearly $30bn (£22.8bn) into R&D — twice as much as Apple, and almost triple Facebook’s outlay. That investment — Amazon said the $29bn it puts into “technology and content” is far broader than R&D — has gobbled up virtually all its $28bn in earnings before interest and expenses, Nordmark said.

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