How Depressing, Another Whitey Self Hating Myth Turns Out To Be Colei*

The number of things that the standard left wing narrative is entirely wrong about is of course impressive. But this one, I have to admit, is a new one on me. Apparently it has been a standard insistence – and who the hell knew this? – that poor peeps don’t suffer from depression. Or, perhaps, that people in poor countries don’t suffer from mental illness and depression. What looks like it, feels like it, tastes like it, is instead just a righteous and just reaction to the iniquities of colonialism.…

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Mr Hancock’s Further Tech Idiocy

From our Tech Correspondent:

Every NHS hospital, GP practice and community care service in the country will be given access to a full-fibre – also known as fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) – broadband service as part of the government’s 10-year NHS Long Term Plan, health secretary Matt Hancock has announced. As previously outlined, these include a so-called “digital first” approach to primary healthcare, giving patients the choice of online or video GP consultations, more virtual clinics for hospital outpatient departments and cloud-based record keeping – all in the name of improving efficiency and outcomes within the NHS, backed by more than £20bn “gifted” to the service for its 70th anniversary in 2018.

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If Matt Hancock Misdiagnoses The Problem Then He’ll Not Fix The NHS Will He?

Matt Hancock, the health minister does rather like his apps, and this one’s a beauty

A new NHS waiting times app will soon see patients choose where they seek urgent treatment. Under the new rules, patients will be able to view live accident and emergency times via a phone app called WaitLess and choose which hospital to travel to. It is hoped that the new feature, which also allows patients to view the time it would take to arrive at their chosen hospital, will help over-strained A&E departments tackling the growing problem of treatment waiting times.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Plan Would Take Money From Black Schools And Give It To White

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to sort out the higher maternal mortality rate among black women in America. She’s going to fine hospitals that have high rates and give more money to hospitals that have low rates. Hmm, well, sure, incentives matter.

But there is a slight problem with this idea. Imagine that we applied exactly the same one to, say, high schools. We’d end up taking money away from schools with predominantly black populations and giving more to those with disproportionately white ones.…

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Message For The NHS – It’s Competition Itself Which Raises Productivity

As we all know arguing that there should be competition within the National Health Service causes maiden aunts to drop their pearls. But efficient organisations are built upon cooperation dahling!

The thing being, no, not really. Competition is, in fact, a decision about who you are going to cooperate with. But rather more importantly we know that non-competition leads to inefficiency. The only thing we’ve been pondering these years is what, exactly, is the route by which we gain the efficiency?…

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NHS Homeopathy Service Becoming Ever More Effective As Spending Falls

A report that the National Health Service is spending – still – £55,000 a year on homeopathic treatments. You know the nonsense, that repeated succussion against horsehair cushions, and dilution to 0.00001% and the like, of something that causes symptoms like the disease being treated cures said disease. You know, Old Age tosh that has as much effect upon human health as the focal point of Mercury. Except worse, because people taking such hoo haw sometimes don’t submit themselves to medical treatment that actually works.…

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The Lancet Reports British Diet Pretty Damn Good Actually

As is always the case with these sorts of reports The Lancet’s one on diets and death is being treated as an awful, shocking, wake up call about the British diet. Look at how many people die because of eating the wrong foods! This will be taken by the peeps and wowsers and PHE and such places as being all the evidence needed that they should be issuing the ration cards that allow us to have our half slice of bacon a month.…

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Ghastly American Health Care – Insulin Price Cut To $25 A Month From Cigna/Express Scripts

If you’d like to see what a complete, total and utter mess American health care is consider this concerning new price cuts on insulin from Cigna and Express Scripts. That some certain number of people need insulin to stay alive is clearly true. That some certain further number need it to prevent further complications is also true. Insulin’s also been around for some time, there are certainly versions of it entirely patent free, should be one of those things that the free market unadorned makes cheap as chips.…

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As We’ve Been Saying, We Should Subsidise Vaping

The big question about vaping from a public health perspective is whether it reduces health problems or increases them? The more basic civil liberty point, that people should be able to ingest as they please, is true but already rather lost unfortunately.

So, is vaping a substitute for smoking? People vape instead of smoking that is? Or is it a complement to smoking. People do both, doing the one increasing the rate or likelihood of the other?…

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Of Course Asbestos Still Kills After 20 Years – It Takes 40 Years To Kill From Mesothelioma

We have an interesting entry into the Idiot Complaint of the Day Race. That asbestos is dangerous is entirely true, that mesothelioma is a horrible way to die – mesothelioma being the major asbestos caused disease, it’s other name being asbestosis – is true. That we banned the use of it and have had significant – actually, far too extreme – controls upon it for 20 years is even true.

So why is it idiocy to complain that it’s still killing people?…

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