Interesting – Sunscreen Doesn’t Change Black People’s Risk Of Melanoma

In one sense this is obvious, melanin itself in the skin reduces the chance of melanoma. But there’s more of interest here, for example, while black peoples’ risks of melanoma are much smaller than those of us more pinkish, they are not zero. However, the melanomas that do sometimes get black people are near nothing to do with sun exposure – palms of hands and soles of feet are not likely places for sun damage. One of those rare pieces at The Conversation that is just interesting in its own right:

Sunscreen wouldn’t have saved Bob Marley from melanoma, and it won’t help other dark-skinned people

Melanoma is a potentially deadly form of skin cancer linked to overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun.…

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Mindfulness Makes You Mad

Not that this will change the fashion for the industry but still, useful to know – excessive concentration upon your mental health makes you mad. This is why every psychiatrist anyone’s ever met appears to be psycho. Their own constant examination of their own psyche drives them nuts.

Meditation retreats bad for your mental health, study suggests

To retreat from levity this isn’t really all that surprising:

Going on trendy meditation retreats may be bad for participants’ mental health, a new study suggests.

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Sure, Why Not Nationalise GP Surgeries Into The NHS?

That a Labour MP wants to nationalise more of the British health care system shouldn’t come as a surprise. All within the state, nothing outside it, the impetus for the National Health Service is indeed Mussolini’s fascism brought to post-war life again. And we should let him do this too. As long as we force him to stick to one of the promises he’s making:

But it isn’t perfect. As data published this week shows, patient demand for general practice services is increasing while the number of GPs is actually falling – according to the survey, one in 10 GPs are in contact with 60 or more patients a day, which is double the safe limit.

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Instead Of Warren’s $100 Billion Opioids Plan Why Not Something That Works – Legalising Heroin?

Senator Elizabeth Warren is just licking her lips at being able to spend another $100 billion of our money. This time it’s to solve the opioids crisis- which she’ll do in the normal for Progressives manner of throwing money at things that don’t work but just measure how much is being spent! At which point we’d do well to try suggesting something that would actually work – legalising heroin. And proper, full, legalisation too. People get to manufacture and distribute legally, create brands and gain public acknowledgement of them.…

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Another Polio Officer Shot Dead In Pakistan – We Do Want To Kill Off Polio, Right?

That we have our own problems with the anti-vaccine crowd is obvious enough. Those who fail to understand what a bitch Mother Nature is, how she and evolution want to eat your children. Thus they decry vaccines as unnatural and wish to leave their children to the deaths that so many before them suffered:

In the past, our ancestors were subjected to full-strength, undiluted, CFC-free, pure-organic, additive-free natural selection. The biggest recipients were young children, for which evolution had the greatest appetite of all.

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Alzheimer’s And LATE Disease – What Is A Disease And What A Collection Of Symptoms?

New research tells us that hundreds of thousands we describe as suffering from Alzheimer’s disease are in fact possessors of something rather different, LATE. This being an important distinction if only we’re mentally sharp enough to remember it. It’s also something not unusual – in fact it’s the way medicine has been working ever since we passed the Ju-Ju Man stage of that science. For we do continually find that what we’ve been thinking of as a disease is in fact merely – or importantly perhaps – a collection of symptoms.…

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How Depressing, Another Whitey Self Hating Myth Turns Out To Be Colei*

The number of things that the standard left wing narrative is entirely wrong about is of course impressive. But this one, I have to admit, is a new one on me. Apparently it has been a standard insistence – and who the hell knew this? – that poor peeps don’t suffer from depression. Or, perhaps, that people in poor countries don’t suffer from mental illness and depression. What looks like it, feels like it, tastes like it, is instead just a righteous and just reaction to the iniquities of colonialism.…

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Mr Hancock’s Further Tech Idiocy

From our Tech Correspondent:

Every NHS hospital, GP practice and community care service in the country will be given access to a full-fibre – also known as fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) – broadband service as part of the government’s 10-year NHS Long Term Plan, health secretary Matt Hancock has announced. As previously outlined, these include a so-called “digital first” approach to primary healthcare, giving patients the choice of online or video GP consultations, more virtual clinics for hospital outpatient departments and cloud-based record keeping – all in the name of improving efficiency and outcomes within the NHS, backed by more than £20bn “gifted” to the service for its 70th anniversary in 2018.

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If Matt Hancock Misdiagnoses The Problem Then He’ll Not Fix The NHS Will He?

Matt Hancock, the health minister does rather like his apps, and this one’s a beauty

A new NHS waiting times app will soon see patients choose where they seek urgent treatment. Under the new rules, patients will be able to view live accident and emergency times via a phone app called WaitLess and choose which hospital to travel to. It is hoped that the new feature, which also allows patients to view the time it would take to arrive at their chosen hospital, will help over-strained A&E departments tackling the growing problem of treatment waiting times.

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Elizabeth Warren’s Plan Would Take Money From Black Schools And Give It To White

Elizabeth Warren has a plan to sort out the higher maternal mortality rate among black women in America. She’s going to fine hospitals that have high rates and give more money to hospitals that have low rates. Hmm, well, sure, incentives matter.

But there is a slight problem with this idea. Imagine that we applied exactly the same one to, say, high schools. We’d end up taking money away from schools with predominantly black populations and giving more to those with disproportionately white ones.…

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