How Middle Class Is The Guardian – The Great Brexit Au Pair Shortage

Don’t forget that newspapers reflect the interests of their readers. It is not true that editors force material down their throats, it is that people buy papers, read them, which support their prejudices and discuss their interests. One thing wrong with the UK today is that a couple of million people actually do think the Daily Mail way. All of which makes what a paper discusses a rather good guide to what their readers think, even who they are.…

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This Will Be An Interesting Test – Geordie Greig To Daily Mail Editor

It is a standard part of the mythology that newspapers tell their readers what to believe – and the readers believe them. This is why the left keeps shrieking about the barons controlling the press, it could only be that poisoning of the minds of the proletariat which keeps said left from sweeping all before it in politics. The actual study – you know, science – of how this works is that newspapers follow the prejudices of their readers.…

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Good Question In The Guardian – What About Those 100 Million Deaths?

An entirely reasonable and sensible question from Martin Kettle in The Guardian:

A century on, why are we forgetting the deaths of 100 million?
Martin Kettle

Quite so, quite so.

The 1918 Spanish flu outbreak killed more people than both world wars. Don’t imagine such a thing could never happen again

Ah, it’s not about the 100 million killed by socialism as a warning to not do it again.

I wonder why not?

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Well Done To Poppy Noor, A Masterly Dig At The Guardian In The Guardian

I might just have to change my opinion of Poppy Noor here. Normally she trots out the usual regurgitation of currently fashionable points when she’s not managing to entirely misunderstand something. Then she pulls an absolute blinder like this. For what she’s done is used a column in The Guardian to point out that The Guardian pays absolutely vile, pisspoor, wages. Which is really pretty good if you can get away with doing so and still keep your job.…

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Those Appalling Right Wingers, Attacking Progressives’ Union Money!

The Guardian has a quite breathless report – breathless with outrage – on how those appalling right wingers are going after the progressives’ major source of money in the US, public sector unions. That, in politics, you go after your opponent’s major source of funding seems to be anathema. Although of course The Guardian would be all in favour of overturning Citizens United, which allowed progressives’ opponents to spend their own money on politics.

What’s so delightful about this is that it’s a straight propaganda piece – whatever we might say about The Guardian they have historically been rather better than this:

Rightwing activists are launching a nationwide drive to persuade public-sector trade union members to tear up their membership cards and stop paying dues, posing a direct threat to the progressive movement in America.

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Wringing Money Out Of The Newspaper Carcass

Jack Shafer writes in the center-left Politico about “vulture capitalist” Randall Smith of Digital First Media, the owner of the Denver Post and several other daily newspapers in mid-sized American cities. Smith is slashing editorial staffs, and victims gripe in public about management’s strategy, Smith’s job made easier as staffers self-identify as the next victims by joining the protest. Smith has halved the newsroom at the Post over five years.

Shafer acknowledges that the daily newspaper is a vestige of a time in which “advertisers needed mass audiences to sell the products of mass production,” quoting industry author Philip Meyer — because technology did not exist to target ads to niche markets.…

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With Business Reporting Like This What Hope The Rest Of Us?

It appears that they’ve got the trainees in at the Telegraph. Or perhaps the arts graduates have bled over into the business pages – a tragedy really, as that’s where logic and numeracy are at a premium. For we’re told that a business not going bust but instead being sold is a warning that it might go bust.

Erm, what?

Thousands of British high street jobs may be under threat now that Poundworld’s US owner has ditched a rescue plan to bring the loss making discount chain back from the brink, opting to sell up instead.

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Schadenfreude – Media Plurality Laws Hit Trinity Mirror, Not Murdoch

Even a casual observer of the British media scene will be aware that a usual complaint is that the country isn’t left wing because the damnable right wing press misleads everyone. The working class is led to vote against its own interests by such as Rupert Murdoch. That the media chases the prejudices of its readers, not shapes them, is rather missed by this analysis. Still, that’s the way they think and thus there are laws concerning who may have what share of which media market.…

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We Used To Have Better Newspapers Than This – India Knight Edition

It’s entirely true that what the Queen wanted for her 92 nd birthday might not have been Ed Balls. It’s also true that what she got was, in part at least, Ed Balls.

This does not, however, excuse India Knight and this in The Times:

What any Queen wants for her 92nd birthday — Ed Balls on a ukulele

That’s the headline writer, a subeditor. One of whom is a reader here in fact. So Shame!…

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