Of Course Africa’s Splitting In Half – It’s Called The Great Rift Valley For A Reason You Know

It does amuse when something all should already know blows up into being a news story. That is, when olds becomes news. So it is with this reporting on the idea that Africa is splitting into two. Well, yes, obviously it is. There’s a reason we call that trench across the east of it the Great Rift Valley. A “rift” being where two bits of land are tearing themselves apart.

This is all part of the basic geologic idea that the continents float about on the lower levels of the more molten parts of the Earth.…

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Relax Everyone, 1.4 kg Of Californium Isn’t Radioactive, Doesn’t Exist And Isn’t Californium

Every time there’s one of these scares about radioactive material being found out there on the black market we always find one of the same two things. Either it’s the security services trying to entrap people or it’s not actually radioactive material being sold out there on the black market. There are occasions when a certain amount of radioactive scrap gets bandied about – pieces of cobalt 60 aren’t unknown. But that’s different from this idea that there’s some black market out there eager for, or being supplied with, radioactive material.…

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What Joy, Muphry’s Law Spotted In The Wild At The Mail

Murphy’s Law we all know, whatever can go wrong will go wrong. Muphry’s Law is the lesser known corollary, that in any article complaining about grammar or typographical errors a greater such error will appear than the one being complained of. The traditional defence against which is to make a deliberate error in spolling.

So, today the Daily Mail runs a piece on how a YouTube something or other is providing a guide to the sort of mistakes that people make with apostrophes and the like.…

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Corrections We Can Make To The Daily Mail

We agree that this is something of a minority sport. The manner in which the nation’s newspapers are now written by young shavers instead of grizzled veterans means a certain lack of bottom among them. People just not quite getting the nub of the story that is given the general lack of worldly experience. This is made worse by the manner in which subediting is now simply seen as a cost to be minimised* rather than an essential part of the production process.…

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