As Science Shows, It’s Fishing Gear, Not Plastic Bags, Causing Problems In The Oceans


That we should all stop using plastic bags has become a commonplace assertion of our times. That we should do so in order to stop the sharks and rays and whales from drowning is given as the reason. The problem with this is that it’s not the plastic bags causing the problems in the oceans:

Sharks are getting tangled up in plastic rubbish and dying in horrific pain, scientists reveal

OK, but which plastic rubbish?

Sharks and rays ‘starved and suffocated’ by plastic debris and ‘ghost’ fishing gear

It’s the fishing gear:

The majority of entanglements involved abandoned, lost or discarded fishing equipment, known as ghost fishing gear.

Yes, quite:

Both data sources suggested ‘ghost’ fishing gear sich as nets, lines and other equipment which has been lost or abandoned) were ‘by far the most common entangling objects’.

Forcing me to carry the beer home from Tesco’s in a paper bag is really going to change this, isn’t it? So too paper straws…..