The house!
The restaurant!
The luggage!
The car!
The front door!

Finding a nerve agent is hard.

And that’s ok – I don’t know anything about this stuff, so maybe it’s really difficult to do.

But if that’s the case, presumably the people that are experts, know this.

So when use of a nerve agent is suspected, maybe the first thing they would recommend is that we………….start an investigation?

Instead of what we did.

Which was to call a press conference and accuse Russia of an act of war.

But that’s not what I care about, at least not here.

What I care about is how our media have reported this case.

When it was said it was the house, they reported it. And that was fine, I guess.

Then when they said it was the restaurant, they reported it again.

Without question.

And then again and again and again they just…………reported it.

No questions, no criticism, no skepticism, no laughter, no mockery, no disdain, no calls for people to be sacked.

Which after all is their USUAL process, right?

But on this occasion they just repeated what they’d been told, over and over again.

They just parroted the government line. Repeatedly.

A government which has been caught lying about this kind of stuff quite a lot over the years. I presume we all remember the dodgy dossier?

So, what………..our media are just government mouthpieces now?

They have become PR agencies for the State?

Nerve agents worry me, but that worries me more.