The Legacy Media As Factcheckers And Determinants Of The Truth

All that shouting about how Facebook – and other social media – really must start expunging untruths from their system. Just anyone saying anything they want is a system we simply cannot put up with. Who knows what the proles might be saying to each other? Thus the insistence that only verified truths may be uttered or posted – truth being something determined by those with an axe or two to grind, of course. A climate denial blanking now being earned for everything from an insistence that CO2 simply doesn’t matter through to, well, you know, the IPCC itself said a carbon tax, not a planned and centralised reworking of society was the way to deal with it.…

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Do Not, Under Any Circumstances, Believe New Estimates On Costs Of Britain’s Nuclear Submarines

There are all sorts of lovely ways that it is possible to fiddle with estimates of costs and benefits of things off into the far future. This is actually what the Stern Review is about, how should we account for things in that far future? Our entire climate change problem is that the benefits come now, the costs in 50 to 80 years. If we use normal market discount rates then those damages are spit now – this perhaps being not quite the way we should think about boiling Flipper in the fumes of that last remaining arctic ice floe.…

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US Deports Widower Of Slain Soldier – Some Want Government To Have More Power

ICE, the part of the US Government concerned with such things, deported the widow of a slain soldier. Could be just par for the course perhaps, depends upon who she was fighting for. Well, that would be for the US, in the US Army. There is something to marvel at here.

No, not the action itself, mistakes will happen. No, not the reversal – a just and righteous reversal – of the decision. The wonderment is that there are those out there insisting that this very US government should be given much more power, should carry responsibility for many more things.…

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This Was Always Going To Happen – Solely Male Draft Is Unconstitutional

One of the advantages of having a written constitution is that there’s a process to solve conflicts between different pieces of law. Even, there’s a process that flags up such conflicts and forces resolution. So it is with this idea of a military draft in the United States.

Not, of course, that there is a draft currently. But the possibility still exists there in law, there is the requirement still for all male youths to register so as to be available for it.…

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South Korea’s Done What Trump Insists Germany Should – Pay More For Defence

The specific circumstances are indeed different in South Korea and Germany but Trump’s been making similar demands in both places. That the countries should be paying more of their defence costs, alleviating some of the pressure on the US taxpayer. It’s a fair enough aim too and Germany at least has already agreed to it just not done very much about it. South Korea has now agreed and looks like they will in fact do it.…

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Excellent, US Army Biases Fitness Standards Against Women

This isn’t what we normally think of as an increase in justice and righteousness in society but it is indeed so – the US Army is to bias its fitness standards against women. It is going to do this by insisting that men and women be able to meet exactly the same standards. Obviously enough, in logic, demanding equal standards is not bias but that’s not the way that gender works in the current world. That fewer women pursue the top jobs and thus fewer get them is taken to be bias rather than that fewer so pursue.…

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Boys Will Be Boys – Marine Pilots Draw Sky Penis

This should not come as a surprise to anyone at all. Fighter pilots are drawn from the most aggressive, testosterone, loaded – if short in stature – men out there. Simply because those are the attributes that are required to be able to do that fighter pilot thing. That the testosterone packed then act like teenage boys – you know, that time when soon to be men first meet that testosterone overload – just isn’t all that much of a surprise.…

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Royal British Legion’s Statement On How Freedom Works

Given that the Royal British Legion exists to recall, remember and take care of those who fought for our freedoms and liberties it’s appropriate that they – near uniquely in modern public life – have a good grasp of what those freedoms and liberties are.

The background here is that a taxi driver seemed disinclined to pick up someone taking poppies off to be handed around in this period of remembrance. We could, of course, get all outraged and demand heads on pikes.…

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The Mail’s Ignorance – The Military Requirement To Be Able To Fight Wars

A useful little example of the problem which plagues every military, everywhere and everywhen. Said military needs to have much more kit that in entirely necessary to run operations in peacetime. Because, you know, they do need to be able to fight wars. This means they have a few rifles in the back of the cupboard to replace those shot out of the hands of gallant Tommies. An extra ship or two tied up at the dock to replace any lost to enemy action.…

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