Telegraph Now Acting As PR Flacks For Microsoft

There was a time when the newspapers were written by people who knew something. No, not everything, but people did tend to be subject specialists at least when discussing matters off the main news pages. Technology, or Labour Relations, or Travel, sections were written by people who had actually wielded a spanner, attended a union meeting, gone somewhere other than with everyone else on their Gap Yeah.

Now that journalism is a graduate entry occupation – often requiring a post-graduate degree for the Lord’s sake – the newspapers are produced by people who know how to type and not a great deal else.…

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Is Jezza Stupid Or Just Plain Ignorant? The £10 Minimum Wage For Under 18s

Sure and now we’re against the very idea of a minimum wage around here because we’re economically literate. Humans buy less of things that are more expensive. But even if we put aside logic and reason to enter the minimum wage debate on the more normal terms this decision by Jezza Cobyn is still remarkably stupid and or ignorant. Actually, given modern mores why be so exclusionary? It’s both. For he’s decided that his £10 minimum wage should apply to the under 18s as well.…

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