The Scandal Of Google Advertising And Abortion Provision

A reasonable and useful logical test is to stand an argument upon its head and then consider what is being asserted. This is not to use the logical fallacy of reductio ad absurdam, rather it is to try and examine the logical linkage between the parts of the argument. It can devolve into that other logical fallacy, tu quoque, but then all logical examination is prey to one or another of the possible logical fallacies.…

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Advertising Regulators Decide To Ban Jokes On British Screens

In another sign of the coming apocalypse – the one where we’re entirely, instead of only partially, run by prodnoses – the advertising standards people have decided to ban jokes. At which point, of course, they can go stick their colei* in a mangle.

The background issue here is that if you show a man as a domestic incompetent then this is sexist and you’re not allowed to do that, it’s gender stereotyping. Bad that is.…

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As Change UK Just Proved, Facebook Advertising Doesn’t Dominate Politics

Perhaps the problem was that Heidi Allen and Chuka Umunna actually believed the reporting from Carole Cadwalladr? You know, how a few tens of thousands of pounds from the Russian swung the Brexit referendum, or was it the Russians who paid for Trump to win? For that general contention is that Facebook’s a threat to our very democracy, their advertising is so persuasive that we’re all as but zombies in the face of it.

Well, yes:

It might have been the perfect natural experiment.…

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So Facebook Isn’t Being Used To Steal The European Elections Then

You’ll recall how it was all the Russians, or black money, or illegal spending, or Facebook, or summat, which led to the referendum result where the establishment Remain view lost. Carole Cadwalldr’s been telling this all year now, so it must be true. If only there were some way that we could test this. Facebook advertising – paid for by whomever – undermines democracy and allows the wrong peeps to win, does it?

The upstart pro-EU political party, formerly known as the Independent Group, spent £87,000 on Facebook adverts in the seven days up to Wednesday, becoming the biggest single political advertiser on the social networking site, following predictions it could fail to elect a single MEP and faced with the potential resignation of the party’s interim leader, Heidi Allen.

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Weirdly, HUD Is Charging Facebook Over Racial Discrimination In Housing Ads

The Housing And Urban Development – HUD – department of the US Federal Government is suing Facebook over racist and racial discrimination in housing advertisements. They’re not, of course, stating that Zuckerberg places ads saying No Darkies Here, No Irish. Rather, they’re making the claim that because advertisers have access to a lot of information about the profiles of those they will show ads to, can select along those lines, then the Facebook advertising system allows such racial discrimination in violation of the law.…

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Facebook And Brexit – Political Advertising Medium Carries Political Ads

The latest Facebook outrage – apparently a medium which carries political advertising has been carrying political advertising. This is, of course, that outrage and something must be done.

Quite what is difficult to discern for an insistence upon the truth in political advertising just ain’t gonna work, is it?

Facebook has been accused of “pumping out fake news” after running political adverts claiming endangered animals were being threatened – by Brexit. The social media giant has been paid hundreds of thousands of pounds by Britain’s two most prominent Remain campaign groups to stir up support for a second referendum.

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George Monbiot Forgets Gramsci’s Long March Through The Institutions

There are indeed legitimate complaints to make about academia and this isn’t one of them. That academics study advertising and its effect upon us humans out here. For the proper study of Man is Mankind, no? Therefore studying what Man does is that proper study. But that’s the complaint that George Monbiot wishes to make today:

Advertising – with its destructive impacts on the living planet, our peace of mind and our free will – sits at the heart of our growth-based economy.

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The New Censorship – Gender Roles And Yes, It Is Censorship

To portray men as bumbling domestic fools may or may not be a viable advertising strategy – that so many do it implies that it works* – and to portray men as bumbling domestic fools may or may not have societal implications. But to ban the portrayal of men as bumbling domestic fools is censorship. Something which has no place in a free and liberal society. Quite obviously, the same applies to women being shown as domestic goddesses but entirely incapable of filling up a computer with the necessary bits and bytes.…

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From The Annals Of Idiot Facebook Business Ideas – They Should Charge For It

This is concerning Facebook itself of course, not the idiot nephew’s idea of delivering meat flavoured ice cream via the Facebook accounts that dogs don’t have. It’s still a pretty silly idea though, based on a complete misunderstanding of how Facebook currently makes money:

To save itself, Facebook must start charging users

Interesting thought. Worth noting that WhatsApp has just stopped charging people $1 a year to use that app. Wonder why?

So let me wade into this fray and suggest two possible business decisions the social networking giant could make.…

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Here Comes The Censorship – No, Really, I Mean It

No, this isn’t about that Facebook war on fake news, rather, this is about the Advertising Standards Authority and yes, really, this is a demand for censorship. The path from what they’re saying to what I am isn’t all that long either.

Broadcast advertisers should be subject to a new duty of care to protect young people’s mental health, NHS leaders have said.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is being urged to clamp down on advertisements which fuel body insecurity among teenagers.

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