Owen Jones’ Trenchant Statement Upon Antisemitism In The Labour Party

It’s about time and excellent, of course, to see Owen Jones taking on that disgusting failure of civilised behaviour which is the entrenched antisemitism in the Labour Party:

What Labour members think matters. Their party will be in government. They select parliamentary candidates who go on to vote on legislation and become ministers, and they exert pressure on them through local Labour associations. Jezza will be the nation’s next prime minister but one. So when evidence of racism is uncovered among their ranks, it should be regarded as a national scandal.

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Your Cut Out And Keep Kippah – Goyim Solidarity With Jews

This looks like a useful manner of telling the antisemites where to get off. A cut out and keep Kippah to be worn in solidarity. The back ground here is that some fool in Germany announced that in order to reduce the number of antisemitic attacks observant Jews should no longer wear the symbol of their observance. Imagine the outrage if someone said that Muslim women should leave off with the veil in order to – actually, we don’t have to imagine, do we?…

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How Can A Google Search Be Antisemitic?

The latest claim is that we’re all using the search engines – Google is the exemplar – to show how antisemitic we are. The problem here being that it’s not in fact possible for a search to be pro- or anti- anything. If I or you search for “No more broccoli” are we thereby signalling our intent to never let the beastly stuff pass our lips? Thereby triggering protests from the Broccoli Growers of America? Or are we researching George Bush, the one who just died?…

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