If We Replaced Pa!i, K!ke And Ni!!er With Bourgeois and Capitalist Would Face Book Still Ban Them?

An interesting little thought experiment here – is Facebook actually banning people for being dangerous or for being unfashionable among the bien pensants? For what Facebook has done is state that anyone they regard as being white supremacist is to be banned from the platform. Sure, of course, they’re a private organisation, they can ban anyone they like for any reason.

Actually, well, no, they can’t, they’d be grossly guilty of gross discrimination under the law if they banned people on the basis of their race, gender, sexuality and whatever else is a protected characteristic these days.…

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We Appear To Have Hit Peak Antiracism

Being racist is somewhere between just being human – noting differences between groups of human beings – and being a vile little bastard – let’s string up the darkies/Jews/honkies just because they’re from a different group of human beings.

Antiracism varies from being an odd concept – a denial that there are even groups of human beings – and an entirely just and righteous insistence that we must discriminate between individuals when deciding who to string up.…

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Perhaps We Shouldn’t Crush Far Right Parties Like The BNP And EDL Then?

No, we’ve not lost our minds, we’re not recommending support for the fascist boot boys. But perhaps driving them from public and party politics isn’t all that good an idea? As The Guardian seems to be telling us:

Since 2011, Hope not Hate has published an annual State of Hate report. Since at least 2015 we have seen that the demise of the electoral far right in the UK has been giving way to something far more sinister, which is evolving from the embers of the two better-known far-right groups operating in the UK, the electorally dead and insignificant British National party (BNP) and the moribund EDL (which this week has been shaken by a paedophile scandal involving one of its leading members).

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