Pure Politics – Boris And Ending Early Release Of Prisoners

This is of course pure politics, simply playing to the base, as Boris demands the end of early release for prisoners after serving half their sentence:

Prisoners will no longer be automatically released early under plans to be set out by Boris Johnson this week, The Telegraph can disclose. The Prime Minister will pledge to end the automatic release of serious criminals who are currently freed after serving half of their sentence. He will press for a tougher stance on sentencing at a roundtable meeting in No 10 on Monday with police chiefs, prosecutors, former judges, courts administrators and prison bosses.

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Boris Johnson To Enact A Continental Telegraph Policy

We around here have been championing a specific tax idea as long as, well, as long as we’ve been around here at the Continental Telegraph. The original genesis of the idea being rather further back than our founding but from the same people.

Back when the Living Wage campaign started. They pointed out that people earning minimum wage weren’t making what people thought you needed to make in order not to be in poverty. That is, minimum wage was poverty wages.…

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Boris’ Tax Plan Reduces Gender Inequality In The System Says Dawn Butler

Dawn Butler tells us all that Boris’ new tax plan will reduce the disgusting gender inequality currently inherent in the system. Currently men carry very much more of the income tax burden than women do. This is clearly an outrage, we should tax on the basis that we are all equal, not disproportionately upon genetic load. Yes, obviously, it’s a little odd to be hearing a Conservative Prime Minister insisting on this greater gender equality but then Boris is as no other, isn’t he?…

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Only Left Wing People Are Authentically Black, D’Ye See?

A very weird contention here. The colour of your skin determines – or should determine perhaps – your political views. For example, if you are melanin enriched you should, must, be in favour of punitive tax rates. Haemoglobin S means you should be against the slave trade – fair enough actually, not just because all forms of Haemoglobin carriers should be – and also pro-Islam, not the historical experience at all.

But this is the claim:

Don’t be fooled by Johnson’s ‘diverse’ cabinet.

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Larry Elliott Sorta Misses What Thatcherism Was – A Radical Reboot Of The UK Economy

That you might not like what Thatcherism was is one thing – perhaps you’d have preferred a continued gradual decline both relatively and in real terms. That you applaud it equally, matter of opinion. But it really does help if you understand what Thatcherism was. An incomplete but radical attempt at rebooting the British economy. Which is where this from Larry Elliott fails:

His cabinet is stuffed with Thatcherite true believers who will hardly be inclined to undertake a vital reboot of the economy

We’ve had two attempts at reboots post WWII.…

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An Interesting Definition Of The Hard Right Under Boris

There are various different definitions we can and could use of the “hard right”. Goosestepping through Nuremberg, or even desiring to, would be one useful enough such definition. Scrapbooks with detailed plans for invading Poland perhaps another. Advocating that consenting adults should be allowed to ingest as they wish, bonk as they wish and partake in voluntary exchange as they wish isn’t really a useful definition of that hard right.

Except it’s the one that is being used:

Former Tory MP Nick Boles, who quit the party over his colleagues’ failure to compromise on Brexit, tweeted: “The hard right has taken over the Conservative Party.

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A Warning To Boris

The Continental Telegraph will still keep its eye on the Prime Minister of Britain and all such despotic enemies – whether at home or abroad – of human progression and man’s natural rights which undoubtedly include a nation’s right to self-government. ‘Truth’, ‘Liberty’, ‘Justice’ and the ‘Land for the People’ are the solid foundations on which the Continental Telegraph’s policy is based. Along with Brexit and fie to the federasts!”

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Barnier’s Wrong – Of Course The Withdrawal Agreement Is Going To Be Changed

Michel Barnier insists, stoutly, that the Withrawal Agreement isn’t going to be changed in the slightest. Michel Bariner is of course wrong here. As the agreement hasn’t been agreed as yet and there is no agreement in the UK – more importantly perhaps in the Commons – that it should be agreed as it is. Therefore it will be changed.

Michel Barnier warns Boris that Withdrawal Agreement will not be changed as he receives cautious welcome

There are various options of course.…

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Boris Writes His Introductory Letters

CJ Nerd writes:

So… one of the more important things he will need to do tomorrow is dictate a letter to the captains of our Trident submarines. So… what do people think he will write?

And here’s CJN’s start:

“Dear Dudes. Or Dudesses? Really? is that a thing? I mean, I know we need to have equality, but is that really a thing now? Crikey! I just hope er, er, er, let’s say I just hope that, er, any ladies in that position, have, er, so to speak, er, reached the age where they no longer, er, I mean, er, when they’re of, er, shall we say, er, a stable temperament.

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