The Map That Should Scare The Faeces Out Of Remainers

From The Times, the map that should scare the bejabbers out of Remoaners and other assorted Federasts:

Scary, eh?

Take out the porridge wogs and the lavabreads and, well, it doesn’t look pretty for those in the traditional parties, does it? Yes, of course, it’s a fractured field. Part of that light blue everywhere is that there was no one remain option.

It’s also true that this won’t translate directly onto Westminster seats:

He said the Brexit Party would be heading “en masse” to Peterborough and would then begin interviewing and vetting candidates for all 650 seats for the next general election.

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Women’s Equality Party Whines About Media Coverage Compared To Nigel Farage

This isn’t doing the cause of feminism any favours here, a high pitched whine concerning media coverage of the Women’s Equality Party. The specific whinge being that Nigel Farage gets lots of airtime and that they don’t. Well, given that Farage’s party is the front runner in this coming election that might be fair enough we’d think. But there’s more to it than that. Much more in fact, and I speak as someone who was a press officer for Farage in the run up to a euro-election.…

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Brexit Party At 34% In Voting Intentions – Remoaner LibDems On 12%

As we’ve all known for sometime now if Remain could be said to win the euro-elections then that would have been a referendum upon that subject of Brexit. It’s cancelled that is. But if Leave wins or could be said to have that would be different because reasons.

Looks like they’re going to declare reasons:

Senior Tory and Labour politicians have issued frantic calls to their voters to back them in next week’s European elections after a new poll showed support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party had soared to a level higher than for the two main parties put together.

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Margaret Beckett’s Brexit Delusion

Seriously, how perverted do your beliefs or logic have to be to reach this conclusion as Margaret Beckett does? Support is surging for the Leave And Dammnit Just Leave Party therefore Labor must embrace Remain?


Nigel Farage’s Brexit party, which is currently leading in the polls for the EU elections, will win the contest unless Labour can portray itself as the natural home for remain voters, Margaret Beckett has claimed. Polling commissioned by the People’s Vote campaign suggested the former Ukip leader’s new party was on course for a five-point lead, with remain voters split between Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish National party, the Green party and Change UK.

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Remoaners Be Careful – You Really Want Euro Elections To Be Second Referendum?

Timothy Garton Ash is, I think, making something of a mistake here. For he’s calling for the upcoming euro-elections to be seen as a second referendum on our leaving the European Union. The point being that this is going to be something of a hostage to fortune.

Perhaps more importantly the more Remoaners call for it to be seen and treated as such the more likely we are to see what lying toads they are.…

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