Citizen’s Advice Spouts Nonsense Over Bills For Failed Energy Suppliers

Citizen’s Advice wants us to know that people are really very hard hit by the collapse of energy suppliers. It’s a terror, it really is. For people will now have to pay bills that they would have to pay anyway.

No, that is what they’re saying. If the energy company didn’t collapse then consumers would have to pay some amount of money. If the energy supplier does collapse then consumers will have to pay some amount of money.…

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India’s Jet Airways Suspends Operations – This Is Why We Need Capital And Capitalists

India’s Jet Airways has been in trouble for months now. They’ve been losing money and banks won’t lend any more – sensibly enough, it’s a money pit. All of which is a useful lesson in why we need capital and capitalists. There’s got to be someone there able and willing to cover losses in the bad times – that’s what they get the profits for in the good.

This is the part of the system that some find so terribly hard to understand.…

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WOW Goes Bust – That’s Airlines A Nicely Competitive Market Then

WOW Air has, so far at least and in the absence of an investment lifeline, just gone bust. Which is useful evidence that the airline business is nicely competitive and balanced nicely in favour of consumers, of passengers. There will, of course, be cries that there must be more regulation of airline finances as a result of this and all such calls will be coming from the sort of idiots who don’t understand what it is that we’re trying to do here.…

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