Makes No Difference – Trump Must Release His Tax Returns To Be On The California Primary Ballot

In one sense this makes no difference at all – Donald Trump must release his tax returns to appear on the primary ballot paper in California. In another it does make a difference – revealing to all who were too unobservant to note it that the primary rules in the varied states are subject to gross, gross, political interference.

That’s not quite how matters are supposed to be in a democracy but that’s how they are:

President Trump will be ineligible for California’s primary ballot next year unless he discloses his tax returns under a state law that immediately took effect Tuesday, an unprecedented mandate that is almost certain to spark a high-profile court fight and might encourage other states to adopt their own unconventional rules for presidential candidates.

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California Earthquakes And The Climate Change Bandwagon

Isn’t this just great? A leap aboard the climate change bandwagon following the earthquakes in California:

(Ridgecrest, CA) The second in a series of devastating earthquakes hit Southern California on Friday night, one of the largest in the area’s history, causing 1,800 people to lose power. As usually happens in the case of such high magnitude earthquakes, the second of these has produced more than 1,400 smaller quakes and destroyed homes as a result of electrical fires.

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The Synagogue Shootings – What We never Do See Said About Terrorist Acts

All reporting is obviously partial – no one ever does set aside all of their own views. Even what to report is itself an expression of partiality. The latest outrage, the shooting at the Synagogue in California, is as much as tragedy as the violent deaths in other events around the world. The Christchurch mosque events, the Sri Lankan bombings, those mass shootings at Coptic Churches in Egypt and on and on. Someone might even think that there’s an evil inherent in the human heart.…

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Only California Could Expand The Black Market By Legalising Cannabis

Quite clearly if you just say that growing, buying, possessing and selling cannabis is now legal then you’ve entirely destroyed the back market in cannabis. Sure, some people might then carry on without paying taxes but that is, by definition, grey market, not black. And sure enough, people will want to tax that now legal cannabis because politicians have a near unlimited desire for more of our money to spend.

But it takes real skill and talent to both make cannabis sales, growing, purchase and consumption legal and yet also at the same time expand the black market.…

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California Can’t Even Issue Cannabis Licences Let Alone The Difficult Stuff

As we know – because the progressives keep telling us so – America needs to be much more regulated. We’ve got to put a stop to all this free market nonsense. Elizabeth Warren tells us that Apple, Google and Facebook need to be much more tightly controlled by good and honest people like Liz Warren. Just leaving competitive markets to sort things out won’t work. We hear much the same story about Wall Street – we can’t leave them just to go make money, Heavens to Betsy no!…

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California’s Very Silly Idea Of A Facebook Data Tax And Dividend

That California is where the rest of the United States goes to turn mad is obvious enough but there are still those incidents that bring it into stark relief. Like this little idea that Facebook and the like should be taxed so as to produce a dividend for Californians. The twin problems being that it’s silly and that it’s very silly. The first is that the amount of money simply isn’t relevant to anything at all.…

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Huzzah! California’s High Speed Train To Nowhere Cancelled – But Not Enough

California’s new Governor, Gavin Newsom, has at least started office with a sensible decision – he’s cancelling the entirely ludicrous idea of a high speed train link between Los Angeles and San Francisco. It’s ludicrous because trains just don’t work over that sort of distance. It’s also ludicrous because the fully autonomous car is going to make trains irrelevant anyway.

Sadly though Newsom has not managed to deal with this entirely properly, for he’s still thinking about completing the first part of it on very bad and spurious grounds.…

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Bang to Rights

California isn’t called the golden state for nothing. Well, it might be the good PR from the Beach Boys or the Eagles—Tim knows more about this than we do—but it is generally a place you might want to go. Chuck Berry, bless his little cotton socks, called it the Promised Land.* We’ve been there. It is stunning. Go to Malibu Beach and view the Bay Watch at work.

It’s Paradise on earth.

Sorry, that’s not in LA.…

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Trump’s Being Fair To Deny California FEMA Forest Fire Money – Fires Are Hardly Unusual There

Donald Trump has announced that he’s going to – or desires to – stop sending money to California through FEMA over forest fires. This seems fair enough to be honest for given the incidence of such fires they’re now part of normality rather than emergencies. This is before we even get to the major claim here, which is that Trump thinks some to all of such fires are caused by government actions themselves.

So, fair enough perhaps:

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The Guardian And Exchange Rates – California’s Economy Now Larger Than UK’s

It’s possibly about time that we introduced The Guardian to the concept of exchange rates. To the little wrinkles and bits and bobs of exchange rates perhaps. For they’re claiming that the economy of California is larger than that of the UK. Which is might well be of course, it’s a notably richer place than most of the UK. Something that comes from the US being a more capitalist economy perhaps.

However, it’s not really quite like they think it is:

California’s economy has surpassed that of the United Kingdom to become the world’s fifth largest, according to new federal data made public on Friday.

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