Well, Yes – TSB Boss Won’t Take Computer Integration Bonus Over Computer Integration Tits Up

The very idea that people should get a bonus for doig their job has its critics. But when people are promised a bomus for doing something, then they fail to do that thing, we’re rather allowed to insist that they don’t get that bonus, aren’t we? Which is good here at the TSB. The CEO has revealed that he won’t be getting his bonus for managing a computer integration project given that he didn’t manage the computer integration project.…

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Even If Bitcoin Is A Scam – As Paypal CEO Says – Doesn’t Mean It’s Valueless

The ex-CEO of Paypal – and of Intuit – is insistent that Bitcoin is simply a grand scam, a pump and dump, even a Ponzi scheme. The bit that’s he missed being that this doesn’t mean that it’s valueless, not at all. There’s a value to experimentation, that’s actually how the world advances. And it’s only once something has been tried, blown up and the rubble cleared that we find out what that value might be:

I’m tired of saying, “Be careful, it’s speculative.”

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