As Change UK Just Proved, Facebook Advertising Doesn’t Dominate Politics

Perhaps the problem was that Heidi Allen and Chuka Umunna actually believed the reporting from Carole Cadwalladr? You know, how a few tens of thousands of pounds from the Russian swung the Brexit referendum, or was it the Russians who paid for Trump to win? For that general contention is that Facebook’s a threat to our very democracy, their advertising is so persuasive that we’re all as but zombies in the face of it.

Well, yes:

It might have been the perfect natural experiment.…

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Vince Cable As Salvator Sedes – Change UK Might Merge With Lib Dems

Heidi Allen has said that Change UK, the Tiggers, err, whatever they call themselves, might merge with the LibDems. Which seems suitable enough, that is where political parties go to die:

Heidi Allen says Change UK could merge with Lib Dems

Hmm, yes.

Speaking to BBC Radio 5 Live, she said: “I would like us to be in the same vehicle.” Asked if she meant the same party, Allen replied: “Yeah, probably, I don’t know.

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