Yes, Of Course Greenpeace Are Full Of It – Heritage Is Libertarian?

It’s clearly true that if you’re somewhere over on the fringe close to Maoism then the difference between conservative, free market and libertarian is going to look pretty blurred. But we can also work this the other way around. If you are finding that the difference between the three is looking pretty blurred then we should perhaps think of you as being over on that edge-gripping left. For only those over there find the distinctions difficult to understand.…

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Chlorine Washed Chicken – If Brits Don’t Want It Then Brits Won’t Buy It, Will They?

There’s a logical fallacy at the centre of this argument about chlorine washed chicken – that Great American Terror we’ll be exposed to under a free trade agreement post-Brexit – which is that if we don’t want it then we’ll not buy it, will we? At which point it rots on the shelves and no more is imported. It only becomes an influence on the market, affects prices and local production standards, if we do buy it.…

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The Horror, The Horror, Nando’s Uses McCain Chips

A certain part of the editorial team is horrified at this particular revelation, that Nando’s uses McCain frozen chips. OK, maybe they have a very special recipe and all that but still, frozen? What’s wrong with cutting up a good old spud yourself?

Yes, of course, this is a gross over reaction by that part of the editorial team that doesn’t even live near a Nando’s, not even in the right country. But then that’s why – for they do live very close to where the basic cuisine itself comes from.…

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