We Are Greatly Surprised That Hillary Clinton Speaks With Forked Tongue

Shocked we tell you, shocked.

Actually, we are shocked, because we thought that Hillary was, while devious, bright enough to be able to keep the story straight:

Hillary Clinton has called Downing Street’s suppression of a report into potential Russian infiltration of British politics “damaging, inexplicable and shaming”.

The 2016 US presidential candidate told the Guardian it was “incredibly surprising and unacceptable that in your country there is a government report sitting there about Russian influence and your current government isn’t releasing it”.

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Hypocrisy Over Hillary – Ivanka Trump Used Personal Email

We’re about to have the most gorgeous frenzy of utter hypocrisy over in the US. For it seems that Ivanka Trump has been using personal email to communicate with people in the White House and Administration. This breaking one of those American rules, that all such communications should be traceable and thus government will be open. At least to history anyway.

Yes, you’re right, this is Hillary all over again. Well, no, not quite, but nearly, nearly enough for politics.…

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What’s The Moral Equivalency Between Clinton Cash And Trump Treasure?

It’s not entirely obvious that there’s a moral equivalency between the manner in which the Clintons earned money and the way the Trumps are doing so. This isn’t stopping people from asserting that the two are the same – actually, that the Trumps are worse for of course they are. The latest screecher on this point being Jill Abramson:

I’m feeling nostalgic for Hillary’s Goldman Sachs speaking fees. Remember when we got our ethical knickers in a twist over Clinton’s $225,000 (£170,000) Wall Street speeches?

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