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We Are Greatly Surprised That Hillary Clinton Speaks With Forked Tongue

Such an honest face there

Shocked we tell you, shocked.

Actually, we are shocked, because we thought that Hillary was, while devious, bright enough to be able to keep the story straight:

Hillary Clinton has called Downing Street’s suppression of a report into potential Russian infiltration of British politics “damaging, inexplicable and shaming”.

The 2016 US presidential candidate told the Guardian it was “incredibly surprising and unacceptable that in your country there is a government report sitting there about Russian influence and your current government isn’t releasing it”.

The potentially incendiary report by the intelligence and security committee has already been approved by the intelligence agencies. Downing Street was sent a final draft on 17 October and had been expected to sign off the report by the end of last month.

Releasing reports about email in an election period – and all the time is election time in the US – is stealing the election. Not releasing a report is intolerable interference in an election.

Difficult to make sense of that unless we accept that what’s good for the world is what’s good for Hills and how the hell can you disagree with that?

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4 years ago

Her Nibs IS bright enough to keep the story straight, but she has spent the last three years on a book tour whinging about how she lost an election it was impossible to lose. Now she sees the field is down to a lying socialist, a dying socialist, and Gropin’ Joe Kinnock; with Bloomberg and unaccomplished Gov. Deval “Little Barack” Patrick abhorring the vacuum. Any publicity for her is good publicity, and no harm done if all the criticism lands on foreigners.

4 years ago

What’s this furruner doing trying to meddle in our election?

David Moore
David Moore
4 years ago
Reply to  jgh

perhaps the more interesting question is when will the American’s have Christopher Steele in an orange jump suit?

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