Are All Feminists This Stupid?

That both halves of a fertile but unwilling to indulge in parturition couple should be responsible for the avoidance of that outcome while still enjoying the jiggy jiggy is fair enough. That those who are certain their family is complete and that there is going to be no second family consider vasectomy is also entirely fine and just.

But we still must ask whether all feminists are actually as stupid as this one in The Guardian, one Felicity Hannah:

My husband doesn’t want a vasectomy.

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Grandma Knew – Catholic Rhythm Method As Good Contraception As The Pill

Contrary to current folk belief the idea of having sex for fun rather than just the propagation of children is not a new idea. Our forbears did know about this. And they had a good method of contraception too, being able to count. This ability leading to the rhythm method, something around and about as good as the pill in preventing conception. In fact, it’s rather better than some barrier methods – the condom would appear to have a higher failure rate in fact.…

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