The Withdrawal Agreement Will Cost £75 Billion, Not £39 Billion

From our special correspondent, Lincoln Swann:

May’s £39bn WA will actually cost double that

May says her Withdrawal Agreement will cost £39bn but that’s a low ball bid, a bit like the “flight cost” from budget airlines.

£39bn gets the UK 21 months in transition & squares away roughly £20bn of EU overdraft and pension liabilities.

Add another £20bn
Within the agreement there is an option to extend transition for another 2 years where we keep making our contributions.…

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The Correct Facebook Question – How Much Would You Pay For It?

There’s much screaming, as we know, about how Facebook takes our oh so valuable information – that we just give it for free! – and then makes fortunes from it. It’s not really quite true of course, it makes money by selling advertising, the data we hand over simply refining who advertises what to whom. But, OK, let’s think this through a little. Imagine a Facebook which didn’t suck our data in order to improve the advertisers’ experience.…

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