45,000 Cows To DIE Because Of Brexit

Apparently 45,000 cows will be murdered in their beds if Brexit goes ahead. Which does leave us with a difficult question. 45,000 cows or decades more for 65 million people under Ursilly van der Lyin:

Some 45,000 dairy cows could be culled in Northern Ireland, in the event of a no-deal Brexit if new higher tariffs are applied to British milk, senior industry figures have warned. Northern Ireland is particularly vulnerable because about a third of its dairy output is processed in the Republic of Ireland, which would continue to be part of the EU.

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Biplab Deb’s Terrible Cow Idea – India Needs Fewer Peasant Farmers, Not More

It’s entirely – and obviously – true that giving things to farmers aids in gaining the votes of those farmers. Other than that this is a terrible idea from Biplab Deb, for the one thing that India really doesn’t need any more of is peasant farmers. In fact, that the country actually needs is tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions, of current peasant farmers to stop being peasant farmers. One the very simple basis that that is how a place develops, becomes richer, people stop doing low value things like keeping one cow each and go and do high value things like bash pieces of metal in a factory.…

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To Explain The Difference Between The United States And The European Union

There are those who think – urge, wish for perhaps – the European Union is or should become the United States of Europe. Lots of central bureaucratic control, the nation states left as just the remnants of once independent countries like the US states are these days. In some ways the two systems are very much the same already. No US state has any control at all over trade across its own border. Nor does any EU one.…

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