Trump Admin’s Quite Right – Reclassify Nuclear Waste To Leave It In The Ground

The Trump Administration is considering a rule change – some high level nuclear waste should no longer be considered to be high level nuclear waste. This is an obviously sensible thing to do. Critics are insisting that this is being done because this makes processing, clean up, cheaper, for the change would mean that some of it could simply be left, or buried in the ground. Yes, quite, this is why it is sensible.

What the more general reports aren’t telling us is quite what the change is which is so sensible.…

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US DOJ’s Absurd Sanctions On Iranian $3.4 Billion Hacking Scheme

There’s no doubt that what was being done here by or on behalf of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard was and is illegal. Sure, it’s straight up theft. But it’s also absurd to the point of crazed lunacy to call it a $3.4 billion cyber theft scheme. For what was actually being done was hacking into academic email systems in order to gain free access to the university libraries. Yes, sure, naughty naughty and people shouldn’t do that at all.…

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