What The Driverless Car Will Really Kill Is The Rail Network

As this piece from the Conversation points out, the technology really at risk from the driverless car is the long distance rail network. If we can all sit in our own little private carriage, one that goes from point to point, what’s the point of having terminii for node to node travel? Urban rail, the Tube, that’ll still work to a point because congestion. But why King’s Cross to Brum New Street by rail when the West Norwood to Solihull autonomous car will do it?

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This Isn’t Driverless Cars, It’s Networked Cars, Reducing Congestion

Exactly the technology that is being considered is fairly important when we discuss the results of experimentation about new technologies. For example, I think driverless cars are going to be just great. But that doesn’t mean that this particular method by which they will reduce congestion is correct.

Driverless cars could speed up traffic flow and journeys by one third

Well, they might, but it won’t be for this reason:

Fleets of driverless cars on the roads could speed up traffic flow and cut journeys by a third, even for people who are not using them, a Cambridge University study suggests.

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Today’s Indian Misunderstanding Of Economics – India Won’t Have Driverless Cars Because Jobs

Economics isn’t all that difficult – after all, as the man said it’s all obvious or trivial except Ricardo on comparative advantage. This does not though stop some people some completely misunderstanding economics so as to get it all entirely the wrong way around. So it is with this comment from Nitin Gadkari on driverless cars. They’ll not be allowed in India because we need to provide jobs for everyone and automating driving would be to reduce the number of jobs on offer.…

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