A Fascinating Claim, Winning An Election Is Anti-Democratic

Fortunately around here we don’t ingest the same substances that those writing for Salon do:

Don’t get suckered by the polls: Donald Trump will win again — unless we fight for democracy

It’s a fascinating claim, isn’t it? Winning an election is anti-democratic.

Sure, it’s anti-Democratic if the Republican wins but that’s rather the point of the system, isn’t it – that we out here get to do the choosing.

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Gina Miller Is Now Arguing That Having – And Winning – An Election Is Undemocratic

Gina Miller now tells us that Boris isn’t going to prorogue Parliament in order to sneak Brexit through. He’s going to dissolve Parliament by making sure an election happens. And this is profoundly undemocratic apparently. You know, to have an election?

Unsaid in the letter, but streaming through it like shafts of light through a broken roof, Johnson’s plan of action – doubtless guided by the arch-Brexiter svengali Dominic Cummings – is clearly to call an election and dissolve parliament as soon as the beginning of next month, with polling at some point after the existing Brexit day of 31 October.

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The Danish Far Right Populists Won The Election

Sure,m the Danish far right populists have lost votes and seats in the election there but they still won. On he same basis that Ukip won in the UK without ever getting anywhere near to any sort of political power. Simply by making damn sure that the desired policy is the one that was enacted.

Ukip did this by continually making the case that we shouldn’t be in the European Union. So, we had a vote, we’re going to stop being in the European Union.…

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Spanish PM Vows To Ban Prostitution – This Is How Politics Works, Folks

That we around here are against the banning or illegality of prostitution should be obvious. We’re liberals and thus rather in favour of the idea that consenting adults get to do as consenting adults wish. Sure, there might be all sorts of problems with prostitution – the underage, sexual slavery and so on. Yet is is also absolutely true that some fraction of men – a reasonable count being some 2 to 3% as regular behaviour – and some fraction of women are entirely happy with the legal options available to them.…

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Presumably, When Nigel Wins, That’ll Show Brexit Is Back On Again?

Or does this democracy and voting thing not work quite that way?

Pro-EU parties to use European elections as ‘soft referendum’
Lib Dems, Greens and TIG will not form pacts as they look for surge in support for remain

And if the surge doesn’t arrive?

Pro-EU parties, including the Liberal Democrats, the Greens and the Independent Group, will not form pacts or alliances at the forthcoming EU elections, hoping to use the poll as a “soft referendum” to show a surge in support for remain.

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Owen Jones – Brexit Isn’t Important, So Let’s Have An Election To Solve Brexit

There might be perversions of logic in which this latest from Owen Jones makes sense but the formulation that Brexit’s not that important therefore the impasse on Brexit shows we must have an election to resolve Brexit doesn’t really work in anything more usefully logical.

Yet that’s what he is arguing. Here:

But one thing is clear, and it is the first sensible thing May has uttered in her calamitous premiership. “I fear we are reaching the end of the process in this House,” she declared after her loss.

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Mueller’s Report On Trump – No Collusion With Russia Over Election

So, that’s the Democratic Dog shot here, Robert Mueller’s report about that supposed Russian involvement in the American election campaign has been handed in. We’ve a four page summary of it as well. And the basic finding is Nope. They didn’t.

Great, so now perhaps we can all go off and discuss something more interesting? As we reported earlier this is pretty much what we knew the report said:

Mueller’s report on collusion between Donald Trump, Vova Putin and Russia over the Presidential election has been handed in.

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Will The 2020 Race Depend Entirely On The Green New Deal?

That I’m not a fan of the Green New Deal should be obvious – I know where it started, who wrote it and the problems they have with regard to reality. But then that’s not how politics works, is it? Disagreeing with the universe is no bar to an idea being tried even if it does still ensure failure.

The thing is, pretty much the entire left is lining up to approve of that Green New Deal – nonsense though it is.…

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Political Incentives – Modi’s Indian Election Bribes Will Have To Be Paid By Next Government

We can, if we wish, tut and mutter about how India’s government is lashing out spending and tax reliefs as the election approaches but this is just how politics is done – spend other peoples’ money on other people. That’s rather the point of the process. Further, the political incentive is always to promise such in order to gain the votes of those select constituencies whose support is being bought with that other peoples’ money. Finally, of course, the bill is going to land in the lap of whoever is in government after the election, not the necessarily the one hoping to win it.…

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The True Skinny – Fayulu Won DR Congo Election, Beating Both Of Kabila’s Substitutes

What happens next in the elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo is going to be interesting. The true skinny, the informed word on the street if you prefer, is that Martin Fayulu won said election, the one result that those organising it weren’t and aren’t willing to accept.

This isn’t, not really, about the things we normally think of as politics. About which direction policy should move in, perhaps more egalitarian, or more market. This is more about who gets to be the stationary bandit in town – or perhaps even more precisely, who doesn’t.…

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