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Re-Elect President Trump, Part 2

From Esteban:

In Part 1 I recounted a conversation with a friend about the tremendous success of President Trump’s economic policies (prior to the Kung Flu and lockdowns). After verifying my claims, she was more understanding of my support, but wondered how I got over a few issues, such as his “racism”.

I admitted that he had a lot of racist baggage, such as:

During the campaign he bragged about how well he could work with all types of people and proceeded to list several Segregationists he had been tight with in the past.

He was a big supporter of the 1994 crime bill that black leaders have decried as one of the most unjust laws in recent history and which put black men in prison in record numbers.

In the late 70’s he fought against integration and school busing, he even said on camera that he didn’t want his children to grow up in a “racial jungle”.

Recently he claimed that, unlike Hispanics, there is no diversity of thought in the black community, you know, they all think alike.

Oh wait, those are all things Joe Biden did. And there are quite a few more we could add.

But, regarding President Trump, here are a few useful facts:

As noted in Part 1 we had the lowest black and Hispanic unemployment rate ever recorded.

He supported criminal justice reform that undid a lot of the harm on the 1994 crime bill.

He helped secure more funding for historically black colleges and universities and made it permanent.

In the past he received awards from Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow Push coalition.

And, BTW, he was a guest of Bill & Hillary at their daughter’s wedding – did they know he was a racist & invite him anyway?

He has also pardoned or commuted the sentences of numerous black people.

And numerous black men & women have come forward to say, based on years of experience working with him, that he is not a racist (Herschel Walker for one). But, hey, who you going to believe – black people who actually know him well or a white person writing at Salon or the Huff Po?

As it happens, the only examples the Left can come up with to try to prove this point are lies or distortions. Their absolute favorite is the “Charlottesville Lie”. It is true that regarding the incident the president said there were “very fine people on both sides”, but it’s clear that he was referring to both sides of the debate over removing Civil War monuments. But just in case you aren’t sure, he said (note the quotation marks) “and I’m not talking about the White Nationalists or the Neo Nazis, they should be condemned, totally”.

Likewise, at the first Presidential debate he was asked to denounce White Supremacists, he immediately said “sure”. A golf buddy of mine who is no fan commented that he wouldn’t denounce them at the debate – I asked: “he said ‘sure’, doesn’t that count?”. Grumble, mumble – apparently TDS creates hearing issues. BTW, he does appear visibly annoyed by these questions, and with good reason. He has publicly denounced these groups more than 20 times, the most recent count I saw said they have video of 34 separate occasions. It doesn’t matter how many times be does it, they’ll ignore it.

They take similar liberties with his opposition to illegal immigration. If you’re opposed to illegal immigration, you hate brown people, capisce? In a press conference once he was discussing the things his administration was doing to reduce illegal immigration and brought up MS-13 (a particularly violent drug gang). The press took his comments regarding MS-13 and tried to claim that he was talking about all immigrants.

Every example that the Left uses to peddle the claim that he is racist is based on a lie or a distortion.

If you consider all the great things President Trump has done for black and brown people he must be the most incompetent racist ever.

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3 years ago

To be fair, Joe Biden did not intend to put a lot of black people in prison in 1994. Law ‘n’ Order was simply in vogue in 1994, so Joe was Law ‘n’ Order. In addition, we suddenly experienced a new form of cocaine, crack, with a dramatic but brief high favored in the ghettoes. This called for a special, extra-harsh prison sentence, which jailed thousands of black people (for their own good). Joe would bring the same “analysis” (Who do you want me to be today?) to the epidemic (which ended 19 weeks ago).

3 years ago

PS – Yes, the manner in which the Left concludes that Donald Trump is a racist is to start with the conclusion that Donald Trump is a racist and then evaluate utterances from Charlottesville to Black Lives Matter and policy decisions on the basis of what such a person must have meant.

3 years ago

I am not going to attempt to put myself in the minds of blacks in any way, but it is observable that for decades now blacks have been moving away from the so called blue states, generally under Democratic governance, and moving to the Republican red states, and that the Democrats have been screaming loudly that those red state rednecks had better treat them right or else. It’s widely observed that the Dems lost the white working class – even drove them away. I really don’t see how the economic interests of the black or Hispanic working class differ that… Read more »

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